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Blackburn Subpoenas Epstein’s Flight Logs

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Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., on Thursday announced that she had issued a subpoena for disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. 

“Since we’re in the business of issuing subpoenas now, here are a few more that I’ve filed: a subpoena to Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to provide the flight logs for his private plane,” Blackburn said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. More

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  1. I thought it was more like 75 years in the case of the files on JFK’s assassination 60 years ago later this month. I was 10 in 1963 and will be 85 if I live that long in 2038. Nothing to see here, move along, forget about it, don’t look at the wizard behind the curtain etc.

  2. 1. Obtain flight logs.
    2. Notify your friends and key others that their name is on the list.
    3. Accept generous campaign contributions from anonymous donors.
    4. Release redacted logs.

    …an unscrupulous would say!


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