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10 us sailors hostage iran


[…] As reported by Tasnim News, “Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said the forces extracted a lot of information from the confiscated cell phones and laptops of the US sailors recently captured by Iran after intrusion into the country’s territorial waters.

We have extracted extensive information from their (American sailors’) laptops and cell phones,” Admiral Fadavi said in a parliamentary session in Tehran on Monday. The IRGC commander went on to say that the information can be made public if a decision is made to that effect.  MORE


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  1. They didn’t “capture” shit.
    It was given to them.
    By Obola’s NSA.

    Probably the finishing touches for their nukes.

  2. Sorry, but the Navy is fucking up badly with training. That stuff should have been tossed overboard when the Iranians were approaching. It is becoming evident that nobody in authority takes national security seriously anymore.

  3. WTF?

    “Oh crap it’s the IRANIANS!”

    (breaks laptop over knee, folds phone in half, tosses both overboard)

  4. There is much more to this than meets the eye.
    That Obama used this situation as he did was predictable.
    To suggest that there was a conspiracy involving multiple levels of command, as would be required for this to go down as described and the officers on board not facing court marshal, does not pass the smell, or common sense, test.
    Allowing enemies to ‘steal’ information is not uncommon. That is how we crippled the Soviet pipeline system.

  5. What were personal laptops and cell phones doing on naval attack vessels? Can this be for real? Are the Iranians involved? If so, the spurious factor is off the scale. Did the goat doinkers also get the sailors ballet shoes and tights?

  6. I care less about personal cell phones than I do about cryptological material or classified information that may have been on the laptop(s) if they were government computers

  7. How come this isn’t treason? I always thought aiding and abetting the enemy was considered to be treason. This is not the Navy I was in back in the 70’s or the Navy of my Uncle Ray a World War 2 Navy veteran who is 97.

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