“But did you have to be paid $675,000?”

Hillary On Being Paid $675,000 to Speak to Goldman Sachs: ‘That’s What They Offered’.

hillary clinton shrugs

TWS: During Wednesday’s CNN Town Hall, Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton, “One of the things that Senator Sanders points to, and a lot of your critics point to, is you made three speeches for Goldman Sachs, you were paid $675,000 for three speeches. Was that an error in judgment?”  MORE

12 Comments on “But did you have to be paid $675,000?”

  1. “Clinton then said at the time, she didn’t think she’d be running for president in the future.”


  2. I’m sure both Clintons were paid millions of dollars for speeches, simply because people love to hear the sweet sound of their voices, and are expecting nothing else in return. Yup

  3. ‘That was what they offered’ translates to, they finally made me an offer I agreed to accept, considering the favors they expect!

  4. Serious body language. Watch her keep stepping back when questioned…shrugging shoulders. This is one sneaky, vile, evil woman.

    (Interesting that “vile” and “evil” use the same letters, no?)

  5. On the other hand the Republicans are running an inordinate number of pseudo Democrats and one Nationalist At the end of the day it will be interesting to see what they value most. Right now the tide is turning to the pseudo Democrats!

  6. That’s like a thousand dollars for every turd nugget popping out of her lying pie hole. How much would it cost to get her to shut up and go away?

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