Blacks Not Feeling the Bern?

A rally for Bernie Sanders (VT-I) was held in D.C. last week and The Daily Caller sent a reporter to witness the proceedings.


The speaker, apparently obsessed about the lack of diversity in the assembly, tried to find ways for Bernie to make his gatherings a bit less pale and gray.


6 Comments on Blacks Not Feeling the Bern?

  1. And therein lies the biggest problem the Democrats face. 13% of the population of the US is simply not going to vote for any old white cracker, man or lady, to fill the third term of Obama. They won’t vote for Republicans either, so that means they likely will not vote at all.

  2. Has anyone noticed the lack of positive stories on Ben Carson?

    They are noticing the polling putting Carson on top, but what about the natural story line of the Party of Lincoln with a Black man as a top contender for Presidential candidate? What about the counter to the prejudicial view of most Democrats that all Republicans are racist.

    But of course the MSM can’t tolerate those story lines, why it would mean giving up their default belief system.

  3. the problem is the urban radical DNC ‘get out the vote’ machine.

    I agree that the libtard left are definitely not nearly as orgasmic this time because there is no magic negro messiah, and Hillary and Bernie are old white and icky, but don’t underestimate the fraud machine.

    Regardless of what corpse they prop up on the stump they WILL be bussing in out of state voters, they WILL be bussing in the mentally handicapped, they WILL be dragging in every welfare recipient they can bribe and they WILL be stuffing the ballot box wherever possible.

    Luckily, if the nominee IS Trump there will be the same amount of orgasmic excitement for the magic billionaire as there was for the magic negro. Except this time it’s someone we generally agree with.

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