Blame Jesse Jackson For The Chronic Psychosis Of The Democrat Party

How did we end up with “the squad” in congress?
How did we get upwards of 20 radicals vying for the democrat presidential nomination by promising free health care for illegal immigrants, reparations and Medicare for all?

According to journalist and author, Ryan Grimm, it all goes back to Jesse Jackson and the Harold Washington insurgent campaign taking Chicago from the Daley machine in 1983. Here

Mr. Grimm was recently on BookTV talking about his recently published work titled “We’ve Got People: From Jesse Jackson to AOC, the End of Big Money and the Rise of a Movement.” Watch

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  1. it goes farther back than ’83. it goes back to at least Teddy having a dead girl in his car and the party locking arms and covering for that drunken skirt chasing SOB. when you can’t call a Kennedy a Kennedy, even with a dead dame in his car how can you call out Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or farrakhan for that matter?

    if you call out one the test will call you out. that led to bubba then Obama to Hillary being called the smartest woman in the world.

  2. It goes back to April 4th, 1968 when Jesse realized what a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity had just fallen into his lap!

  3. The opening was way to gay for me to watch any further.
    I couldn’t get past that fartknocker making the introduction.
    If I have to listen to that shit I expect the waiter to be serving me a twelve year old Weller bourbon along with a gourmet meal.

  4. I finished watching the Q&A portion last night. Grimm whines up telling his audience that unless Bernie and Warren run as a pair and the rest of the party backs them to the hilt, they don’t have a chance next year.

    What race that would be, if it comes off. Like a final roll of the dice for the progressive left before they’re confined to the trash heap of history, where they belong and where they’ll drag the democrat party.

  5. I’d say it goes back to W.E.B. DuBois and demands for reparations, ruining the work of Booker T. Washington and others to assimilate and coexist. And LBJ and the Great Society BS that pushed us into socialism and government subsidy. Jackson and Sharpton are just shills and opportunists.


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