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Blast From The Past, Chart Topper By Month For The 60s

What a fascinating take on the music from when many of our readers were born or growing up. I was struck how just when a genre or performer would seem to be established at the top another would come along and knock it down to fight its way back up again.

Watch the 60s by most popular song each month of the year Here

I’m going to watch the 70s now, though I think I know how it progress (decent mix early on until Disco comes arrives and gets tiresome). Here

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  1. Erik
    Dude, you Disco Queen, Dave Mason was all about the Blues. Send me a dime and I’ll call you to tell you why. Ya missed out bru.

  2. I love Dave Mason. Alone Together may be the best LP on Earth.

    Split Coconut… uhh…

  3. The 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s brought us so many treasures.
    Cars, music, movies & TV shows, theme parks, fast food, TV dinners, pinball machines, Playboy, Vegas, & just enough technology to keep us from obesity…

  4. Joe Cocker was on fire with The Grease Band, and Mad Dogs.

    Fuck. I mean, fuck. THIS dude. Incredible. Joe rocked out. You were either not as good as Joe, or you weren’t as good as Joe.


  5. Thanks for the flashback Doc. Was circling the Hi-D-Ho drive in with “High Tides and Green Grass” plugged into the under dash Lear Jet 8 track.

  6. It’s hard to imagine Mad Dogs and Englishmen is 50+ years ago. Same with so much other good music. We had it good!

  7. That appears to be based on UK charts. Helen Shapiro only had one record that made it in the US (Walking Back To Happiness) and that made it all the way up to… number 100. Funny how Elvis had more records in the ‘60’s in this video through 1963 than all of the UK acts put together.

    In 2009 we were in England. I listened to an oldies station from London. They seemed to go out of their way to not play British acts.

  8. My adopted parents were strict polish catholic’s,so in the 50’s 60’s i grew up with polka music.heck the only song i could dance to was “roll out the barrell”. I had a transistor radio i hid in my room and would listen to at night. By the time the late 60’s arrived i was a lame duck when it came to pop music..Sad days in my youth.🐒😥.hahaha.

  9. Remember many nights of misspent youth (now precious memories) of cruising with buddies watching chicks and letting the 8 track pound the Union Gap and Roy O. and Elvis and ….all night long (circles thru the local town trying to avoid cops and just being kid wannabes).

    Thanks for the reminders of a more pleasant and wonderful time.

  10. @RadioMatt, I agree with you, the charts weren’t from the US. Among the gems in the chart toppers of the 70s was “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.” I’d never heard the song so I looked it up on Wikipedia. It topped out at 92 on Billboard and there were two other versions of the song by other artist that did better than the group posted in the video.

    It really got bad with the 90 and 2000s videos. Way over representing soul, dance, club, and rap. I had heard maybe a 10th of the songs given.

  11. @Groucho Marxist, thanks for the link. I enjoy exploring music within its own time period instead of listening to one group through their long career.

    There’s something eye opening when one approaches it from what they were hearing at the time or what had come before. Those songs we’ve all gotten so use to suddenly stand out as ground breaking within their own time.

  12. if you like 60’s music, I don’t think there is better than this:
    there’s a ‘listen’ tab at thee top and you’d want ‘wxpn’ at 6 to 7 PM on Saturday evenings. Try it. There are archived shows, too.
    ‘The Blues Show’ which follows, from 7 to 12, is absolutely stellar.

    I’ve been listening to The Spinners lately.

  13. I still listen to most of this from the 60s. It’s amazing the clarity of the footage used; hard to believe it’s survived.

  14. Dave Mason – Grave Schmasen.
    Boz Skaggs – Snoz Baggs.

    Night Ranger and Jam Factory! Two greatest bands of all time!
    With Ultimate Spinach and Mad River bringing up the rear.


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