Blessings On Easter! – IOTW Report

Blessings On Easter!

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1) Jethro (Peaches) My daughter’s bunny ‘peaches’ getting ready for Easter.
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To submit your critter pictures for a future Sunday Critters, please email them to:


  1. A picture you/family/friend took and agree to publish here. NO images found on the internet.
  2. ‘Critters’ in the subject line.
  3. Your screen name.
  4. Your critter’s name (or species, if not your pet).
  5. Comments about the critter you want to share.

NEEDED: If your picture is for any of the following themes, please name the theme.
4-16 Don’t Touch Me – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON. – When your critter is surly and doesn’t want to be bothered. We all know the look!
4-23 What’s the Meaning of Life – Does your critter sometmes ponder deep thoughts? I know my Ivan used to … when he ran into the closed sliding glass door, “Wha’ happened?”
4-30 Whatcha Watchin’? – Critters watching TV or the internet. – Theme idea from Tim Buktu.

Thanks to our contributor – Jethro!

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  1. I’m in between pets right now and I’ve been doing research on getting a pet rabbit. Which is best, male or female? Lop eared, mini, giant? I have no idea which is best. Any suggestions welcome. One thing it has to be is black and white.

  2. Remember, Easter eggs grow on Easter egg trees.

    The Easter Bunny just picks them very carefully and gives them to Santa to put in his elf baskets. The Easter Bunny also hides a few in your yard that won’t be found until June.


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