Blind man sues McDonald’s because he can’t use drive-thru

RTT News: Scott Magee, a blind Louisiana man, has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s alleging that the fast-food giant’s late-night drive-thru policy discriminates blind customers.

Magee claims that the McDonald’s late-night drive-thru policy violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by discriminating against those who can’t operate a vehicle on their own.

Magee says, “blind people must hope for a companion with a car or paid taxi services to assist them in selecting and purchasing McDonald’s food.”  more

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  1. Who the hell can I sue, apparently good, meaningful sex requires a partner, who the hell is responsible for that??

  2. This is not without precedence. Deaf and blind persons have successfully negotiated several settlements with McDonalds, for example, over access to drive up service. The typical attorney filing ADA access cases, there is at least one inevery town, wil settle the case for minimal cash. Business and property owners, settle rather than fight the case. Fighting is a losing, and very expensive proposition.

  3. Remember when the dumb couple became outraged at the airline workers because the airline workers left a note that the dumb people were dumb — and that they needed airline workers who could accommodate dumb people?

  4. Reminds me of that old saying, “Even a litigious blind man occasionally finds a Big Mac.”

  5. People often walk up to ATMs, why can’t a person without a vehicle walk up to a drive through, order and pick up? If I was running the outfit, I would accommodate – and not because of ADA – because I’d want their business.

  6. If you are blind and walking up to the drive-up ATM… you might get run the fuck over. There’s an ATM in the bank for pedestrian blind people.

  7. PJ people are not allowed to walk up in drive throughs for liability reasons along with the obvious, like where does the line start.

  8. They also discriminate against the drunk. We had too many to drive and the restaurant was closed so we tried walking up to the drive through window. They asked if we were in a car, and being honest drunks we said no. They said they couldn’t serve us. Where’s my check?

  9. John, not every drive-thru has a line of cars – especially at night. I do live in a sparsely populated area so it’s possibly quite different in other places. I cannot imagine that a blind man who is crossing streets at night is too blind to see a car, even though he’s too blind to drive himself. I have seen big rig truckers, park off side, or pull off the road and run up to the drive thru and order.

    If the city has a restriction on such behavior, then a lawsuit will go nowhere.

  10. Next, he’ll want a 50% off on his Cable T.V. bill… since, he can only listen and not actually watch it or read the subtitles. and his favorite catch phrase… My, My, My – Look out now!

  11. Simple just add lanes as needed! Blind lane, car lane, transgender lane (all 50 versions) short shorts lane, crud lane for Democrats, hearse lane, fire engine lane , topless lane, etc, etc etc!!!!

  12. @tom@drum: You shoulda said, “Yes, of course we’re in a car! You just can’t see it because it’s made from the same material as Wonder Woman’s airplane.”

    Hey, it mighta worked…


  13. Come what may, this country badly needs a Loser’s ATTORNEY Pays All rule. That would cut the baseless, truly BS suits by 95%.

  14. All this will result in is the restaurants closing their drive-thru the same time they close their lobby so there is no ‘discrimination.’ For the few people who come for food after 11PM compared to the salaries paid for employees to man those drive-thru’s and the food waste that results, most franchise owners will jump at the opportunity to close at a reasonable hour.

  15. Soooo, if you have your license suspended (maybe ’cause DWI), you can sue somebody ’cause their drive thru discriminates?
    That guy has too much time on his hands. It used to be that McD’s was completely closed late at night.

  16. How’d the guy know he can’t use the Drive-Thru?
    Did he try to drive through, and they told him “NO?”
    Was there a sign that reads “No Blind People May Use This Drive-Thru?”

    What a crock of shit.

    Is the guy’s name “JohnS?”

    izlamo delenda est …

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