Remember when Gov. Moonbeam said nasty things about Hillary? What changed?

Oh, you don’t remember? It was during the ’92 Dem primary debate.
Moonbeam even brought out a newspaper and swatted Bill on the nose with it.
Watch the video at the link.

jerry brown reads clintons' bad news in paper

[WaEx]: California Gov. Jerry Brown endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on Tuesday, but a 1992 debate shows how he once held very different opinions about the Democratic front-runner.

Brown and then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton roped Hillary Clinton into a heated exchange when the two were facing off during a Democratic primary debate in March 1992. Brown accused Bill Clinton of “funneling money to his wife’s law firm for state business,” and declared the situation a “conflict of interest.” Hillary Clinton was a practicing lawyer at Rose Law Firm at the time.

Brown also said Hillary Clinton was “representing clients before the state of Arkansas,” calling it a “scandal of major proportion.”  MORE

10 Comments on Remember when Gov. Moonbeam said nasty things about Hillary? What changed?

  1. I wonder if he is going to become Ambassador Moonbeam or get a position on the Clinton Foundation board in exchange for the endorsement?

    Frankly, I’d rather see him in the prison next door to the one Hillary gets kept in.

  2. What changed? Brown is now old and fucking senile, that’s what changed. Let him rot in his own feces.

  3. brown, bill & hillary have not changed one bit since ’92.
    They’re just more wealthy through insider contracts, insider stock deals,corruption and illegal foreign donations.

    Progressive socialist/marxist to the end.

  4. All three of them will change their views, depending on the financial offering of the minute. Bill was infamous for telling business owners he supported them at a rally in the morning. Then in the afternoon he’d swoon with a buncha mafia union goons and tell them he was solidly behind them. Both sides would ecstatically support him, totally unaware he had no intention of backing either one that particular minute. So both sides would send million dollar bribes. In the end, Bill would support China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea, depending on how much they were willing to pay that particular day.

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