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BLM Jerks Protest the Death of Another Would-Be Cop Killer

When you read this story, you get the sense cops simply shoot black people because “their lives don’t matter.”

They talk about how the poor victim was shot at 96 times at a routine traffic stop, and he was looking forward to being a broadcaster.

My heart breaks… for the cop HE SHOT.

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  1. Why were there so many officers?
    Because he had a record, one recently for illegally carrying.
    Multiple cops present deters most sane people from doing something stupid, like shooting a cop.
    Good thing there were so many there. If they weren’t there he probably would have murdered the cop he did shoot.

  2. I saw this in my news feed this morning. The thumbnail for the story was his high school graduation picture.

    You know there’s a narrative being pushed when they show high school graduation pictures of a 26 year old.

  3. The stop appeared to be BS (not wearing a seatbelt), but……remember, he shot first.

  4. Here’s my beef. Jerky. 96 fucking rounds. Are you kidding me? I hope the guy deserved getting killed. But how would we know. He was probably a black Trump supporter. LOL. I consider myself a fairly decent defensive shooter. I put the rounds down range, I’ve taken the classes. I keep current with the “theory”. 96 round of smoking fast Glock inspired projectiles flying around an urban environment. Watch your back stop. Really? The dam guy was locked in a steel can. The dude wasn’t moving. Mean while you have Huey, Dewey, and Louis, doing cart wheels blowing lead all over the hood. I’m saying a good shooter and two rounds could have solved the problem. If I were the PoPo chief I’d take their Tupperware from them and issue them a single shot gun and one extra round.
    I’d really like to hear Lowel’s take on this.

  5. And mean while the ATF did a state sponsored assassination on the director of the Clinton Airport because they felt he was buying to many guns. Breached his front door and back door at 4:00 am and shot him in the head. I guess we should have rioted.

  6. ^^^^^^
    GOA and a couple other progun orgs are trying to keep it alive and doing some poking around. But so far it appears the ATF did not even have a warrant. If that’s true WTF and who’s going to jail?

  7. Let’s face it, that punk Jacob Blake threatening his kids & “baby momma” that was shot during the “Summer of Love” was only paralyzed even though the cops shot him point blank.
    Now he gets to sue the cops and become a martyr.
    You have to kill them dead, leave NO DOUBT!
    P E R I O D !

  8. My concern is that’s a lot of rounds and by the sounds the officers were in rapid fire mode.
    A heck of a lot of houses in the background and those guns are going to be spraying all over with recoil. I very much doubt they were all in the ten ring.

  9. Seven shot’s in the back from 18 feet away. And the dumb ass didn’t have the skill to put one in the back of his head? When will LEO learn Mag Dumps make them look really bad. Would the protests that followed have occurred if there were only one shot?

  10. Hell, in Brad’s police force they shouldn’t need a 17 shot Glock.
    Instead, issue a two shot Derringer, that should do the trick.
    If not, cops deserve to die because they aren’t a good enough shot when all hell is breaking loose.

    Am I visiting the Twilight Zone tonite?

  11. Yawn. Pro tip. Thats pretty damn funny coming from a guy that carries with an empty chamber. Oh wait, you don’t carry do you. Last time you tried to act like an expert on firearms you embarrassed the hell out of yourself. Are you really stupid enough to try it again? We’ll have fun slick.

  12. Brad, you are the one embarrassing yourself.
    Acting as if you would have fired two rounds, ending the episode and then peered down into the body-cam and said “Yeahhh BOOOOYYY!, That’s how it’s done nigga!”

    Give us a fucking break, dickwad!

  13. Re acquiring your site pick controls your rate of fire. Close enough. Now, go back and watch that video of the key stone cops back peddling as fast as they can and banging ikon their triggers and then come back and apologize to me for being an asshole. Again

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