BLM students confront white students in “multicultural space” and inform them that that means no whites allowed

20 Comments on BLM students confront white students in “multicultural space” and inform them that that means no whites allowed

  1. There will be No Mercy.
    All part of the commie plan.
    Divide divide divide then let us kill each other.

  2. They would never want to meet me in one of those safe spaces.

    I would chew them up and spit them out.

    Starting with “if you like yourself so much? Go EFF yourself” Honey.

  3. The Left’s “Tolerance,” “Inclusion,” and “Multi-culturalism” has fully metastasized. Those with discernment saw it coming decades ago; “Tyranny in America would come from the Left.” Multi-culturalism’s inherent lie was always “cultural relativity,” that no “culture” is better or worse than another.

    Really? Then why are you trying to eradicate mine?

    Dear White Americans, here it is stated clearly for you: “You don’t have a culture.”

    White is the new Black. Welcome to the New Civil Rights Movement.

  4. Do they have a clue about what used to happen to “uppity” negroes?
    It could happen again.
    Certain groups have bought the “we are the majority” fairy tale – stock up on popcorn… & ammo.

  5. And make no mistake; there is no bigger lie than when they claim “we feel threatened.”

    They feel empowered.

    Our side is always playing “Opposites” and “imagine if…” and it gets tiring.
    But let’s imagine anyone saying to a black person “I feel threatened by your presence. You need to leave.” If tolerance and inclusion and multiculturalism mean anything at all, if these are really your principles, then these girls should be expelled from this school.

  6. “Whites have no culture”

    Sure the do bitch. As a matter fact, you are culturally appropriating right now. Those shoes you’re wearing, take them off. In fact you should only be wearing a loin clothe right now. Got any money? Hand it over, monetary systems are all white. Plates, eating utensils, yea, you can’t use those anymore.
    I watched this yesterday and I’m still pissed off.

    TRF, that’s their goal.

  7. I would have provoked them to violence which could have been done in many benign ways. Video it, charge them with assault and get them kicked out of school.

  8. These misguided, uninformed and obviously intellectually challenged Blacks have been raised this way. Living in the South we see it every day. They are taught to distrust / hate Whites from birth. I understand it because of the past but the only racism we see, for the most part comes from Blacks. Instead of moving on, they dwell upon and use the past as a crutch to obtain special dispensation because they’re Black. They desire segregation on their terms and don’t really want equality (standardized testing, rewards based upon merit, etc.); they desire dominance. If they only understood how utterly hypocritical and foolish they appear. The DSM should include “negro fatigue” as a legitimate disorder.

  9. I’ll say what everyone is thinking but I won’t drop to their Ignorant Level…. and FUCK George Floyd! He got what he asked for.. Just like all the other Criminal Thugs!

  10. Put on some Beethoven, hang some Rembrandts, Show every working city government compared to Detroit, then sit back and say “Yeah. White has culture. You have to be pretty stupid to think otherwise.”

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