#BLM’s Latest Martyr Was, Once Again, Not a Great Citizen – IOTW Report

#BLM’s Latest Martyr Was, Once Again, Not a Great Citizen

Newsweek’s attempt at a hagiography –

According to his Instagram account, Smith made music, as well as did acting, comedy and “camera work.” He made music under the moniker “Wince Me Boi.”

Tributes poured in for Smith on his social media pages. On Facebook, Sammie B Rogers wrote: “This Is So Unreal My Mind Is Racing Like Crazy Lots Of Memories With You I Love You Winston Boogie Smith Rest Easy Man.”

Joseph Gonzalez said: “Cops In Minneapolis Killed A Legend In The Makin Today. Big Representation For SouthSide Winston Boogie Smith We Ain’t Know Each Other For Long But You Was A Tru [sic] Supporter Of Others. & Your Videos Definitely Made Me Smile.”

Protests erupted in Minneapolis after Smith’s shooting, which occurred just over a year after the killing of George Floyd, a Black man who was murdered by a white police officer in the same city.

Demonstrators lit a dumpster on fire on Thursday night in the Minneapolis Uptown area, after the deadly shooting at the parking garage. The dumpster, at the intersection of Lake Street and Girard Avenue S., continued to burn and people added other items like garbage cans to keep the fire burning. Police returned to the area at around midnight to form a line and move the protesters.

The statement said the suspect was wanted on a gun charge and was killed by members of a U.S. Marshals task force. The task force was attempting to arrest him on a state arrest warrant, according to the statement by a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department spokesman

The statement said that the suspect was in a parked car at a parking garage at around 2.10 p.m. on Thursday, but “failed to comply and produced a handgun, resulting in task force members firing upon the subject.” The statement also did not include the race of the suspect. Smith was declared dead at the scene, and a woman in the same car was injured by shattered glass.

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  1. These filthy creatures learn quickly and are not to be under estimated! When poisons and bait traps fail to produce results and cull their numbers, sometimes the only effective control is to shoot them.

  2. huey newton and barbecuein bobby seale amd london learder of blm…..the stupidity of blm is that they actually believe they are going to get protection of the leftist government. and the more the leftist govt attempts to defumd the police the worse it will get for blm and the black population …….do they care? why should they care when the blm leaders are stealing funds from their own organization. Now that’s a trick they learned from the white man’s unions.

  3. After a couple kick-azz teams in 2019-20, Minneapolis’s baseball Twins now STINK and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving city. The residents deserve nothing but contempt for who they vote for, the America-hating migrants they import, and the Project Veritas videos of real voter fraud.

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