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Blood Moon tonight


ABC: Stargazers all over the world will have an opportunity to see a blood moon over the weekend as a lunar eclipse moves into Earth’s orbit.

The penumbral eclipse, when the moon is completely immersed in the penumbral cone of the Earth without touching the umbra, the inner part of Earth’s shadow, is expected to begin Sunday just after 9:30 p.m. ET, according to NASA. The penumbral eclipse results in only part of the moon going dark. more h/t Doc

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  1. I have yet to see one of these.
    Every single time was is happening, we have solid cloud cover.

  2. I can always count on it being cloudy whenever any kind of eclipse is expected. Tonight is no exception. Bummer.

  3. ……………….


    the Aaaasians?


    ……….An Aaasian……..gang?

  4. Uncle Al
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 7:33 PM
    “@Burr, if the moon’s lazing in the shade, who’s bossing the tides?”

    …Burr was close. The tides are a function of Chinese Fentanyl shipping. They regiment their ships so all are loaded at the same time, and there’s so much the displacement causes worldwide sea level rises we mistake for tides. They have priority unloading once they hit the Left Coast, so they are all unloaded at the same time, drastically reducing the displacement and making it appear “the tide went out”.

    That’s one theory, anyway.

    It could also involve Stacey Abrams going to the beach, but that is simply too horrorific to, eh, “flesh” out any further…

  5. Ah. Shady hisself shows up. The hell happened to you last night? We went to a 6 alarm fire last night and got into if over peanut butter.

  6. “Blood moon”. Yeah, right. Standard lunar eclipse. Why the hyping of some sort of savage ritual misunderstanding of normal events? It’s not important in itself.

    It looks cool. It is not common. Enjoy it if you can.

    Often as not we’re in an overcast part of the world. So, z-z-z-z.

  7. Burr, moon naught
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 7:51 PM
    “Ah. Shady hisself shows up. The hell happened to you last night? We went to a 6 alarm fire last night and got into if over peanut butter.”

    …yeaaah, about that…

    …we didn’t do cats, which is how you said the whole thing started.

    Because cats can do THEMSELVES, if properly motivated…

  8. Burr, deeze nutz
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 8:22 PM

    ..perhaps you’d enjoy a literary, of somewhat blasphemous, use of chunky peanut butter…

    “Amen, hallelujah, chunky peanut butter. Our father, which art in tinfoil, hallow’d be thy name.

    “Hail Mary,” McVries muttered. “Full of grace,” Stebbins said from behind them. “Help me win this stock-car race.””
    -Stephen King, “The Long Walk”

  9. Steven King look like he got hit in the face with a plastic jar of creamy peanut butter.

    Creepy ass free hugs van drivin’ coke bottle glasses wearing’ masturbatin’ under the covers with a copy of Betty and Veronica plagiarizing cheese curd fart smellin’ Yankee.

    I love these discussions on astrophysics.

  10. Burr, wanna’ see my moon?
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 8:44 PM

    “I love these discussions on astrophysics.”

    …well, we can make it quasi-religious, if you prefer…

    “Lost in darkness
    Exiled in the dessert
    Staring through black eyes
    Fleeing damnation
    Storm with no reason
    Rooted in the sand
    Feeding the bloodline
    The Blood Moon burns you black

    Blood Moon
    Blood Moon
    Blood Moon
    The Blood Moon burns you black

    Did you hear my voice
    In the stellar wind?
    They appear through mist
    Seeking redemption
    Though what you perceive
    Of your reality
    Is feeding the Bloodline
    The Blood Moon burns you black”
    -Christian Death, “Blood Moon”

  11. Shady, you motivate me to load up muh super soaker with Holy water and douse this thread.

    The moon is a big fat pimply faced welfare recipient tryin’ to sneak a smoke break at the V.D. clinic.

    Why we haven’t utterly destroyed yet is beyond me.

  12. “It’s a pity the things you see when you don’t have a gun.”

    S. King, The Shining.

    I dunno… isn’t that on par with taking a photograph of a mirror?

    Audio feedback is when the output is picked up by the input.

    Wouldn’t photographing a mirror destroy the universe?

    I’m not sure…

    But I’m pretty sure if I saw Stephen King creeping around my house I’d shoot his ass.

  13. Sniff…..memorieeees…..

    Cept’ I never got to use the back pump because …..hoe.

    Also…..our overalls were supposed to be yellow? I guess….maybe at one point.

    But yeah, the easiest way to completely blow up the train tracks in muh head is to post a fire training video. Like throwing sunflower seeds in front of a vampire with severe OCD.

  14. I saw this film with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee… Peter got behind a fucking briar patch and Christopher got stuck in it.

    Christopher was too dumb to go around the briar patch. He got stuck in it. And the sun came up… and he died.


    Cripes, didn’t you watch the training vid? You can’t even put gasoline in those things, much less poppy seeds.

  16. I just throw down “errything” bagels. Then they get all butthurt about, “Where’s the fuking cream cheese!”

  17. Maybe the hillbilly ones, most Vampires are metrosexual and don’t eat bagels because of all the gluten.

    Blood moon crumpet eating fags.

  18. Sparkly fag Vampires… they still have to count all the tes…

    I’m not even gonna type that.

  19. You think lefties are having any fun on their websites blood moon thread?

    Or are they all “vampires” wink wink.

  20. Burr, watched it twice.
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 10:40 PM

    …you like fire vids, I understand you didn’t do interior firefighting so here’s some of the nasty you missed…

    (Piercing nozzle ~8:00. Love those things, didn’t get to use much tho. We had one with barbs on it so you could drive it through a mobile home door and spray to cool, then yank it open with the same nozzle)

    …basement fires were pretty awful, my county outlawed basement bedrooms because it’s pretty stupid to have people who smoke, have space heaters, and do stupid things with extension cords in a sleeping space with no window big enough to get out and walls that make a DANDY oven and have terrible ventilation, but folks did it anyway. One that killed some folks in a neighboring dept. was caused by a bad fan in a “orchid growing” (yeah, right, “orchid) operation in a space under the front door so the first-in crew was dead 10 minutes after they arrived when the joists burned through and they fell through the floor into the fire trying to get out

    …see what you missed?

    ..well, I had no mountains to fall off of or complete darkness filled with old mines to wade through, so to each his own hazards, I suppose…

  21. teasticles. what the fuck are those?

    testicals. teasticals are, ummm…

  22. Burr, don’t worry it, let the pike do the work

    …that seems like it’d be fun…if you’re a pilot.

    I don’t think you’d wanna be standing too close to that semi if you’re a line grunt in turnouts, tho…

  23. hey you two! …. get a room

    geez … yer hoggin’ up the bandwidth fer chrissake 😉

  24. Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 11:27 PM
    “Fuck’s sake, SNS.”.

    …I didn’t do it…the Rabbi did.

    …that seems like a punchline in search of a joke…

  25. Shady, that is indeed the LAST DAMN ANGLE you want to see a water bomber from.

    “Oh fudge my life” : looks up hill, gets steeper, rocks, looks downhill, fire. Looks at rapidly approaching bomber:

    A. “I hope it’s full of water and not that orange retardant….

    B. “I wonder if I can ride the wave downhill all Jabber Jaws style?”

    C. “This is so gonna’ fuck up my day.”

    But Like I said, could be worse.

  26. It’s happening outside as I type this. Beautifully clear skies here in SE Texas. I’ve been outside watching it in my vintage aluminum lawn chair with my Manx cat. The deer in the back yard are confused and blowing up a storm at me. I’m blowing back at them and it’s turned into a contest of sorts. Nice break from watching the country fall apart on TV. Well, back outside to watch the rest of it.

  27. Dang! Hammy is right!

    Shady! Grab yer squirtgun an’ a ladder! THE MOONS” AFYRE”!!!!

  28. Burr, gaaahhh!!!! it’s one of the more bitchen signs of the Apocalypse!!!
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 11:57 PM

    …first, see, I know nothing about water bombers but figured it was only fun for the pilot, then you go and prove me right!

    …seems like this would have some SERIOUS crowd control capabilities, though, and be DAMNED hard to light your Molotov even if you COULD still stand up…

    …second, relax about that whole “Apocalypse” thingy.

    It already happened in 2015, apparently..

  29. …hey, I didn’t bring bagel eating vampires into this, Eric did. I just added some lox and took it to its logical conclusion, based on true customs that are in fact out there as you can see from the link. I’m just the piano player here, don’t shoot me.

    …doesn’t have a lot to do with blood moons, tho…

  30. Burr, prefer my martinis dry
    MAY 15, 2022 AT 11:50 PM
    ‘Shady, that is indeed the LAST DAMN ANGLE you want to see a water bomber from.

    “Oh fudge my life” : looks up hill, gets steeper, rocks, looks downhill, fire. Looks at rapidly approaching bomber:

    B. “I wonder if I can ride the wave downhill all Jabber Jaws style?”’

    …COULD you?!?

    …let’s see THAT video…

    Jabberjaw was a PIMP!

  31. It was beautifully clear here.
    We only seem to have overcast when there’s a good meteor shower.


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