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Did anyone feel that earthquake in Arizona?

h/t Doc.

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  1. I wish….

    Is 9:30 too early to start drinking? Now that I’m unemployed, I have like……hours of free time in the middle of the day.

    The hell do poor people do all day?

  2. Burr, Texarkana via the Jersey turnpike
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:36 PM
    “Idiots. They forgot to label Ohio on our eastern border.”

    ..Hey, great! I can come over and see you then! Onna way, hope you gots lotsa BBQ!

  3. The report did not mention that the Albuquerque/Sante Fe area of Arizona was the hardest hit, poor bastards.

  4. “Is 9:30 too early to start drinking?”….It depends, PST, MST or CST ?….I started at 6:30 am PST….

  5. According to my Millenialmap it looks like you have to take the English Chunnel to the fertile crescent before getting off at the last exit to China.

    It’s the indignity of being interchangeable with Nuevo Mexico that galls me.


  6. It’s almost 10. Double digits. legit drinking time everywhere on the planet that respects the flag and enjoys tits.

    Sincerely hope there is nothing on my “honey do” list for today.

    Upside? I do have a riding mower stuck in gear. That should be waaay easier to work on after salubrious intoxication.

  7. Burr, I may need more smokes
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:39 PM

    “The hell do poor people do all day?”


    But obviously not as good of drugs as television producers get.

  8. That space between them is the new state of “Reconquista”, to be populated by all the “immigrants” crossing our southern border (drinking baby formula).

  9. D….DRUGS!?!?!?!

    Full confession? I can’t even drink tea in the mornings. Makes me hurl.

    But this daytime drug deal……

    I mean……it’s daylight. Bright sunshine. Doesn’t seem to mix and match with drugs. Maybe later in the day.

    Also, no TV.

    This is intolerable. 9:58 and I’m already over my urge to drink and am itchy to do something.

    Looks like I see an opening for a geography teacher.

  10. Burr, the state where all the badass injuns are from.
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:59 PM


    I mean……it’s daylight. Bright sunshine. Doesn’t seem to mix and match with drugs. Maybe later in the day.”

    …IDK, the daytime drug users I’ve seen don’t seem to have a problem with it. Once they get their fix, they get pretty relaxed.

    Often permanently.

  11. 95 degrees here with 80% humidity and I need to make my zero turn mower turn a lot today, but it’s 72 degrees here where I mostly exist with the refrigerated air….might be a nap involved…..70’s tomorrow….

  12. You can’t drink all day, if you don’t get started.

    What finally ended the dust bowl in 1939?
    Before all the global warming BS.

    ” In the fall of 1939, rain finally returned in significant amounts to many areas of the Great Plains, signaling the end of the Dust Bowl.”

  13. How many private jets does it take to fix the climate?
    At least 400.

    ” Nancy Pelosi has spent over $500,000 on private jets since 2020″
    “John Kerry family private jet emitted estimated 116 metric tons of carbon over past year”

  14. Too busy learning Critical Race Theory and getting participation trophies to learn anything useful.

  15. Drugs: $100.
    Flashbacks: Nearly free.
    Rushing to the nearest spot when the music stops: Priceless.

  16. @Burr, I may need more smokes: What do poor people do all day?

    Well they’re laying on their backside down by the river. Depending on when it’s their turn to stand on the street corner and beg, or head over to a store to rip them off they have their day planned out. They get all of their $hit for free, they aren’t “poor” by any means. There’s no reason for them to “work.”

  17. I moved from Kalifornia to Arizona years ago and am fairly used to earthquakes but DAMN, I right slept thru that one …….

  18. O.K. I tried it.

    Tequila at 10 am. SUPER BAD IDEA.

    Laying on my back outside in the wind being pelted by stinging insects and rocks. SUPER BAD IDEA.

    Standing on the street corner…which is dirt and sees zero traffic all day. NOT A SUPER BAD IDEA BUT HARDLY PRODUCTIVE.

    Graffiti random horse in public pasture. PRETTY DAMN COOL IDEA

    Then I took a break and went and got one of those Mexican ears of corn that’s piled high with butter and spices. So yummy.

    Then it was time to pick up the kids.

    There has to be more to this poverty gig.

    Does anyone have a handbook or something?

  19. Burr, Texarkana via the Jersey turnpike
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:36 PM
    ‘“Idiots. They forgot to label Ohio on our eastern border.”’

    Hey, this isn’t accurate! I’ve been driving 7 hours, no Arizona sign and no indication of Casa Del Burr fixin’ me a Mexican BBQ in sight, what gives?

  20. When I lived in Cali years ago Arizona seemed like next door? I guess even the state itself wants to get away?

  21. SNS,I don’t know what to tell you. Left at the Eiffel tower. Can’t miss it. 3rd beach house on the right under the Holland tunnel next to the ski lifts.

  22. Burr, Arid Zone-A
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 9:30 PM

    ..my official government GPS now says Ohio is on your WESTERN border, so now I have to backtrack 9 hours but Homeland Security then shut my GPS down, something about you being an “Insurrectionist” or some shot, plus now that OH is a West coast state I can’t afford the gas any more, so guess I’ll just have to count on Taco Bell for my Mexican BBQ tonight, if they have any meat left over after Subway raided them…


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