Bloomberg Embarrasses Itself Over Flight Records

The resistance has been all aflutter lately over a report on Bloomberg about flight logs for Donald Trump’s trip to Moscow in 2013. You know, the infamous unverified tale from the Steele Dossier about hookers and pee tapes.

It seems Bloomberg obtained the flight records from “FlightAware an aviation data company” of a private jet that flew out of Asheville, NC to Moscow, breathlessly suggesting the President may have lied to James Comey in their private talks detailed in Comey’s memos. Only they seemed to have gotten ahead of themselves as well as the 7- hour time difference between North Carolina and Moscow when publishing their story. More 

7 Comments on Bloomberg Embarrasses Itself Over Flight Records

  1. Trump landed in Moscow at about 1:30p Moscow time and left Moscow at about 4a Moscow time the next day. That’s less than 15 hours in Moscow. He partied past 1am. There are no hotel receipts at all. If he slept, it was on the plane. This is such bullshit on Bloomberg’s part. Fuck all lying progressive scumbags everywhere.

  2. So nice to see a beautiful, classy First Lady at the tree event. A few years ago we might have seen such an event wrapped up with a first lady lifting her leg on the tree.

  3. Who believes Comey was truthful in the memos about what he and the president may have discussed in private? Because the whole narrative of Trump lying about his time in Moscow hangs Comey’s truthful recollection.

  4. I’m actually surprised that the Steele Dossier hasn’t corroded, rusted and rotted out from being thrown on the wall so many times along with all their shit!


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