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Bob Beckel returns to FOX

FOX: Bob Beckel is returning to co-host FOX News’ popular roundtable discussion show “The Five.”

Beginning tonight at 5 p.m., Beckel will reunite with co-hosts Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino.

Current co-host Juan Williams will remain a contributor across all programs and continue to appear on “The Five.”  more


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  1. What can we expect from this guy? Last time I heard him blathering, he said “Trump will never, evah, be President.” Phuck you Bob.

  2. Why? Geraldo wasn’t available? He’d be easy to dress. He’s usually naked but his junk would be below the desk and you can put plastic underneath him.

  3. I have no idea who Beckel is. My TV died 4 or 5 years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. There was nothing on there I wanted to see. I’ve been checking out old TV series fand movies rom the public library when I feel like watching TV.

  4. He’s a part of the reason I quit watching. a

    Got bored/tired of the “confrontational interview” set way back whe Hannity&Colmes was aired

  5. Dissenting opinion here.

    I rather missed Bob when he left. He is smarter and cleverer than most of the leftists who need to appear to make the show balanced.

    It is important that The Five have a dissenting opinion. Bob Beckel was way more entertaining than Juan Williams.

  6. I gotta be honest. I kind of like Beckel. Occasionally he will go against the grain. But you never need to guess what the guys thinking.

  7. The whole token liberal thing there to just stir up crap is boring anyway. He and Juan Williams are both liberal butt kissers anyway. They could replace either one with a blow up doll and a tape recorder of Democrat talking points.

    Geraldo? Lord forbid. I want his career to die like it should have when he stopped having transvestite Klan members who married their dogs on his show.

    Bleckel (intentional spelling) will absolutely screw it up again and get fired as MJA said. Apparently he’s a lovable drunk so the rest of the crew loves him, but he’s just filling the hot seat.

  8. Bozo and Ronald McDonald unavailable?
    Knucklehead Smith?
    What about that slaphead from Walmart? You know, that guy that’s always muttering to himself and slapping himself in the forehead?
    How bout Sharpton? Can’t understand him, either.
    What about the dude who waves the leafy branches at the cars down on New York Ave.?

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I also thought beckel was a tolerable lib, not soured with bitterness yet. I wonder why he left. I hope he brings his bastard child bill schulz back with him

  10. There used to be this guy who’d get drunk and take off all his clothes and direct traffic in Suitland – I think his name was Snooky – he might be looking for work – even if he’s dead he’d be more entertaining than Beckel!

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. @Tim – I liked your comment because that is freakin’ hilarious. I don’t suppose you feel frustrated or anything?

  12. It seems like the whole Fox formula for success is coming unraveled.
    They put all their chips on a couple of blonde floozys that put the screws to them and dropped them like hot rocks. And the ratings champ is a man who has been with them for years and his ratings climb more each week. More people watch and like Tucker then any of the other talking heads.

  13. Juan, who got rescued by Fox, when he was fired from PBS for stating the obvious — Muslim airline passengers make him nervous. But unfortunately he is dumber than dirt; and is a closet racist toward his white colleagues.

  14. Yeah, he’s a lot less annoying than Geraldo and Juan, but still. He’s hard to watch without wondering where he stashed his drink. . lol.

  15. I just listened for a moment to Beckel. Dumping on Trump and praising Lewis for getting his head beat in fifty years ago.
    Yes Bob he got his head beat by some racist KKK democrats and has been a lying democrat hack ever since. Trump is right, Lewis has done nothing for his constituents for fifty years.

  16. I know, isn’t that sad? And his constituents put up with him and even vote for him.
    Can you imagine – working a real job and you ask your boss for a raise. He says you’ve been there 15 years and asks you “what have you done for me lately?” Then you say, “Back in year 1,I recommended using Outlook for inter-office communication instead of paper notes”. Pffft!

    He’s gonna coast on, “I marched with King once”? Fucker, EVERYONE marched with King once. Only you and a handful of race baiters are making money off it.

  17. Beckel back on Fox?

    Fox is floundering.

    Murdoch’s Lefty kids want to complete Fox’s transition into MSNBC Decaf.

    HANNITY is keeping their ratings afloat. Tucker’s a good hire. But the rest of their programming (Smith, Williams, Rivera, now Beckel) is pure Left.
    Might as well be CNN.

  18. Do people still watch TV news? It’s all propaganda, Fox included. Do you really need to hear from a no-necked, drunk liberal like Beckel? I’d rather eat glass.


  19. gee Bob … how does it feel to take a job away from a ‘deserving’ minority (Juan Williams)?

    … oh, that’s right … just following the lead of that democRat ‘leader’ … Princess Fauxahantas, the Underserving

  20. Cool, Beckle is an old style Democrat.
    An Ass, but better than that Retard Juan Williams.
    At least Beckle would snarl like a Bear when Gutfeld would pester him.
    And, Beckle will admit a failing on the left, now and then.
    Still an asshole, though.

  21. I don’t give a shit what Y’all say, Beckel in an asshole. I don’t know why FOX want’s him on. They have Juanita and Geraldo. and pip squeep, Perino, what more do they want? Jeeeesssus!

  22. @MJA “Not a fan of Dana Purina.”
    I know, for a supposed conservative Republican, she sure seems to be awfully sanctimonious little twit.

  23. Beckel returns to FOX? Where was he in the meantime? Drying out for being a raging mean-drunk alcoholic? Incarcerated in a Rage-Management program for Road Rage? Getting kicked out of an ISIS training camp because he was too fucking fat?

  24. Please get rid of Bob Beckel, Chris Wallace, and Shep Smith immediately they are obnoxious A-holes. I turn the channel whenever they are on.

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