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Boeing Plea Deal Sounds Like A Slap On The Wrist

Canada Free Press:
The aviation industry as a whole has been under scrutiny lately for changing its hiring practices to highlight DEI over merit. Still, none has experienced more negative headlines than Boeing because of a series of issues

The bulk of the problems center around the Boeing 737 MAX jetliners, but general maintenance issues have also plagued the manufacturer. In addition, over the past six months, two whistleblowers have died suddenly, one with a rare infection and another by suspected suicide.

Boeing’s problems have even reached space as their Starliner spacecraft has kept astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams at the International space station for much longer than intended. After numerous delays, all systems were finally “go,” and Starliner’s launch went off without a hitch on June 5.

However, as they approached the ISS, new problems appeared. Five of 28 “Reaction Control System” thrusters aboard Starliner’s service module shut themselves down unexpectedly, and the spacecraft was left holding just outside the docking port while engineers did some troubleshooting.

Eventually, the spacecraft successfully docked with the space station, and four thrusters were brought back online. However, NASA later disclosed that it had found four additional helium leaks in different parts of the spacecraft, bringing the total to five. NASA now states that additional testing and evaluation of these issues are necessary before Williams and Wilmore can return to Earth.

Last week, Boeing was in court and pleaded guilty to a criminal fraud charge related to two deadly crashes of 737 MAX jetliners. The government found that the company violated an agreement that had shielded it from prosecution for over three years, per the Justice Department’s announcement on Sunday night. more

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  1. In Boeing’s defense, helium is really really really hard to seal up. The stuff just leaks thru everything. I used to use it to detect leaks in a vacuum chamber that was pumped down to 1 x 10^-11 Torr that used solid copper gaskets and hadn’t been up to atmosphere is years… We’re talking single atom leak counting…

    But $243 million… that doesn’t even cover one of the 737 MAX accidents. They Decided not to configure a second Angle-of-Attack sensor. Sure, it’s flight rated and all… Probably saved them $250 in hardware and $2k in code at the time of development… F**K ’em.


  2. DEI is progressive policy, don’t expect justice to be served on companies or individuals who implement it. Progressivism is 100% invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death. It is what progressivism exists for.

  3. About that Boeing Starliner spacecraft stranded up there with the ISS, I was reading an article on SatNews and found this passage:

    Beginning this week, teams will run the thruster through similar conditions that Starliner experienced after launch on the way to the space station. The tests will include replicating the phase of the Crew Flight Test from launch to docking. Then tests will be performed to replicate what thrusters will experience from undocking to landing.

    “We really want to understand the thruster and how we use it in flight,” said Dan Niedermaier, the lead Boeing engineer for the thruster testing. “We will learn a lot from these these thruster firings that will be valuable for the remainder of the Crew Flight Test and future missions.”

    In other words, Boeing didn’t fully understand the thrusters and how to use them in actual flight. They expect to lears a lot of things that they should have learned years ago. Shame on you guys. Shame.

    And that lead engineer Niedermaier, wasn’t he the asshole in Animal House?

  4. Interesting to see the Canadian Free Press helping China out. Maintenance Issues? Pilot training?
    I’m telling this entire attack on Boeing stinks like rotten fish.

  5. My companies been a defense contractor since Christ was a kid. If you take down Boeing you can literally take down the American defense industry. I poop you not. For multiple reasons.

  6. Boeing does have their issues, no doubt about that. However there is clearly an effort to smear Boeing at every chance. For example, the United flight that lost a wheel on takeoff a couple days ago, I haven’t seen a written report, but I heard a radio report that said the plane is 27 years old. Who does the maintenance on a 27 year old plane? I’d be surprised if it’s a Boeing employee.

  7. Boeing” been gobbling up little Aerospace Companies since the end of WWII. Like all of them. Here’s the important ramifications. They also then owned any process spec those companies developed. Damn near any modern mil spec process is based off of a BAB BCB spec. A Boeing spec. If you build Boeing parts you need to sign a Right Guard agreement with Boeing that you destroy those specs after the contract is completed. Boeing guards those old antiquated specs like the freaken Holy Grail. And I mean they cover everything from shot peen, NDT, to Thin Dense Chrome plate. I’ll estimate 70% of those specs have not been translated over to a generic Mil Spec. So Boeing goes bust. Are they going to willing share that info. Gets more complicated. Now ITAR steps in and says you can’t access those processes unless you’re ITAR registered and approved. That’s even if Boeing agrees to make them available. I’ll estimate 90% of small to medium sized defence contractors never spent the money to go through the 3 different agencies to get ITAR Registered. We did. Thank you very much Kali Refugee in Texas. But this would grind military part manufacturing to a halt. Just my perspective.

  8. Every American institution has been under attack from within by the progressive movement with the backing of their ideological allies. Churches, scouting, schools, universities… you name it.

  9. Brad,

    “Thank you very much Kali Refugee in Texas. But this would grind military part manufacturing to a halt. Just my perspective.”

    You’re missing my point… The train wreck is already underway, your car just hasn’t been added to the pile yet. The decision to build the 737 with only a single AoA sensor itself is a symptom that cost-cutting is overruling sound engineering. Even Boeing suffers from our poor economic decisions. Inflation, offshoring manufacturing, open borders, free trade with countries that use slave labor. This isn’t competition, we’re being fleeced. And stopping it at this point has been made all but impossible by our school’s 30+ years of festering failures. When was the last time you heard of a 15 year old taking a shop class? I took woodworking, metalworking, and machine shop starting when I was 11 years old. I’ll bet you did too. Companies these days have to train 18 year olds to measure twice and cut once.

    If Cloward/Piven really takes off, Boeing will be a footnote in a long list of once great companies.


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