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I Have No Words.

Shark Eats Idiot Who Tried To Save It.
Salty Cracker has the details.

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  1. How in the hell can you make a 7.5 minute long video about this? I’m not watching 7.5 minutes of that guy, but, wasn’t this in Australia? There are no men left in Australia. That’s how this shit happens.

  2. The end result of implementing each and every “progressive” idea illustrated in seven minutes. I always ask the stupid bastards to give me one example of what worked so well in their feeble minds in theory actually playing out that way in practice. They simply can’t.

  3. “Details? I don’t have to show you any stinking details.”

    I thought I’d give S. Cracker another try. I regret that.
    Lots of repetitive commentary. Lots of no details offered.

  4. Salty Cracker is one irritating SOB.

    I couldn’t watch the vid, so I was saved from his circular bullshit.

    I miss William F. Buckley Jr.

  5. I have always taken a certain measure of pleasure (albeit a really guilty one) from knowing it is the left wing wackos who abort babies…

    Talk about your own worst enemy or the missionary who ends up (Joe’s uncle?) in the cannibals stew.

  6. Erik, Uncle Al,
    I guess we’re old. Or maybe mature, or something. I guess if he has an audience we should support him. That doesn’t mean we need to listen to that dribble. I wish him success.

  7. @Brad — I wish him success, too. But as the viewer/listener I’m the buyer, and it sure as hell is a buyer’s market! For every minute I want to spend “consuming” online stuff, there’s 1,000 hours to pick from. I’m glad ol’ Salty C. has found a niche that works for him and I’m also glad his niche works without me in it!

  8. Back in the day this story would be a relatively short blurb headlined “Idiot Eaten By Shark”.
    Today everybody has to be an Internet “Star”!
    Next it will inspire a movie starring Sean “Sinking Boat” Penn and be titled “Dancing With Sharks”

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