Bongino on Obama’s weaponizing of the government against Trump

.45-70 sent this speech by Dan Bongino. Eye opening and enraging. Please watch and share. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. If you have been following The Conservative Treehouse and Sundance’s sleuthing, you will recognize everything Dan puts together in this nice, concise 30 minute speech.

  2. Jethro, yes he did. But what happened to him now? Not the same SD. He did an anti Sessions and then anti Q tirade. The sleeper trolls went nuts and right before Thanksgiving, more trolls arrived and many started dumping on PT.

    Bunches of us have recently been banned for what? Having a wait and see opinion of Q and Jeff Sessions. The trolls took over for several weeks, and long time commenters have been banned. I wonder if SD is even in charge anymore or if he/she is still there. Something’s up.

  3. Excellent talk! I’d heard DBongino give the long form of this talk on radio and have also been following the CTH analyses. I’m very concerned that people who get their info from MSM will not be able to comprehend the complexity and severity of these crimes, and also that they won’t particularly care.

  4. Dan Bongino is as solid as they come. I’ve followed him for quite a while now and he really has some keen insights on the slime in DC. If you get a chance to listen you will also enjoy him schooling libs on economics, he destroys them. He’s a formidable debater.

  5. Dan Bongino has interesting, informative information on a daily basis. Check out his website. Too bad the DOJ and the FBI no longer has a team that isn’t politically neutral and believes in the US Constitution as written.

  6. Dan’s comment near the end about justice was excellent. We live in the real world and yet I ache for these evil bastards to face justice. Knowing that some may never face it is demoralizing.

    But what he said about our lives as opposed to theirs does give me some comfort. If all we get is to take away their power and run them out of town, that may be enough. I’d like to think that as they watch this country rebound to embrace the values we used to have, they will be consumed with their hate and bitterness as they waste away along with their plans to destroy us.

    I still want them in jail. But destroyed may be enough.

  7. Claudia- Yes destroyed enough so they FEEL like they may as well be in jail.
    0bama runs on ego fumes, and I’m sure he’s petrified at what books will say about him after he’s dead. Look what happens when they start reporting the truth about the Kennedys. Example- Every year, JFK looks like a bigger whore than the last, and Ted is stained with voluntary manslaughter of some sort. Some would say outright murderer. But, hey. Anyway, truth always comes out, and their friends change. Look at Lindsay after McCain. lol

  8. If they’re not in jail, they’re going to be right back in government with the next Dem President. If Trump loses in 2020, all the old familiar faces will be back with a vengeance. And I do mean vengeance.


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