Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity

Not an exact description of our times (I’d add the blind obedience to experts), but chillingly close since Dietrich Bonhoeffer opposed the Nazis as a leading figure of the protestant church in Germany. Watch

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wikipedia

An expert on Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas shared his thoughts on if Bonhoeffer were around today. Here

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  1. Dr. Tar: We must be triggering the same YouTube algorithm; this vieo just popped up on my “suggestions” yesterday.

  2. His observations have proven true at least as much as they were when he made them. As I watched the video, I thought about all the things we see now in our time where stupid, morally and intellectually weak people have become mobs of myrmidons enforcing whatever nonsense is popular at the time regardless of how harmful it is to people and society itself.

    Same sex marriage, acceptance (and even celebration) of all manner of sexual perversions, wear a mask, take the “vaccine” whether you want to or not, and on and on.

    The PTB in his time as well as ours have pushed all these evil machinations for their own nefarious reasons and it seems that we are powerless to stop it, just as it was for him. Hopefully, we can display a modicum of his courage in the coming times and this evil that surrounds us will be defeated as it was in his time even though it cost him his life.

    He was a man of true moral courage unlike the politicians and bureaucrats that infest America today. His strength was in his faith in Christ and America and the rest of the world desperately needs to renew that faith.

  3. There are states shutting down reliable coal and nuclear power plants in favor of renewable sources although there is no proven truly reliable renewable energy sourcet.
    That’s pretty stupid.
    There are states and cities firing first responders, who are already in short supply, who have already served two years under COVID regimes.
    That’s pretty stupid.
    The list is long and getting ever longer.

  4. Bonhoeffer wrote ‘The Cost of Discipleship’. A must read for any Christian. He certainly lived up to his own words.

  5. Every once in a while someone writes your thoughts, on their paper explaining your weirdest thoughts to you and it’s like a bright light of sudden and dramatic understanding; now I know how my liberal Floridian relatives can call themselves Christian while supporting murder of innocents.

  6. “We are no different than the Germans. They were fooled.”
    No. They weren’t “fooled.” They were willing executioners. They climbed aboard the train and went along for the ride – their pride and their lusts driving them.
    Afterwards they claimed that they were “fooled.” But they lied to try to cover their shame.
    Dachau opened in 1933!
    Virtually every German knew of the Camps!

    And in our own time, look who’s willing and look who’s unwilling. The willing are NOT being “fooled” – read their comments over the “jab” for instance – they see this as their moment when they can unleash their hate, arrogance, cupidities, and lusts.
    The unwilling are battening down their hatches and preparing for their last stand – and it will surely be a last stand because without unity … well some wag once quipped “We Must Hang Together Or Surely We Shall Hang Separately.”
    Nothing has changed. Technology is better and communications are quicker but the essence of man remains the same – a flawed, bedeviled creature.

    mortem tyrannis
    Fuck Joe Biden

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Our Holy Scriptures say that God will allow people to be th given over to “reprobate” minds in the last days…

    I have always been leery of the “herd” immunity concept because of something Bonhoeffer wrote (I paraphrase here): Be wary of those who can not be alone for how can they then be with others?

    It was part of my first dissertation (researched at his house outside Berlin). He teaches us that sometimes you have to try to steer the stampede in a different direction if it’s heading for a cliff.

    BTW the German Church forgot that Jesus was a Jew just like we’ve forgotten that pur founding Fathers were embarrassing to Christians.

  8. Wasn’t clear enough: if you can’t get along with yourself when you are alone how can you get along with others? Explains why we have so many mean spirited liberals out there. I always figured they were miserable and wanted to share that misery with others.


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