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Book Claim: Donald Trump Cheats At Golf

Retired sportswriter and now author Rick Reilly has been making the rounds with his new book “Commander-in-Cheat.” A repetitive narrative of all the ways that Donald Trump cheats at golf. More 

Reilly demonstrates what he asserts are ways the president cheats at golf. Here

The author has gone so far in the promotion of his book to challenge the president to wager $100,000 on a game “As long as we both had rules officials with us and you don’t get to use one of your cheating caddies… You game?” More



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  1. I once read a meme that said that if the media witnessed Trump rescuing a drowning person by walking across water, the media would claim that Trump couldn’t swim.

    After Trump finishes his second term we’ll someday come to the conclusion that all Trump REALLY did was crash the cool kids’ party that they’ve been holding for the past 100 years. This is why they hate him so much.

    He threw a monkey wrench in their corrupt establishment gears.

  2. If the usual pattern holds, Reilly is going to be exposed as being a chronic gambler with massive gambling debts, a serious tax delinquent and yes, a notorious golf cheat. If he flames out spectacularly enough, Trump might even give him a nickname.

  3. I think Reilly is just describing how he cheats. That’s the way progs operate. Accuse your opponent of the crimes you are committing.

  4. I heard an interview with John Daly were the interviewer was trying to get him to accuse Trump of cheating. According to Daly, who is a well known hard living smoker and drinker who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, Trump is actually pretty good and doesn’t need to cheat. Daly went on to claim that if you want to know who was the biggest cheater he ever saw, it was Bill Clinton hands down.


  5. Obama used the federal government as a weapon against political enemies
    Which is worse?

  6. I read “Who’s Your Caddy,” and Reilly paints a different picture of Trump, who was a private citizen at the time. Trump is a type A person, and he played the round like he was late to his wedding. (For the record, this is how Mike Ditka plays as well). He takes gimmes from all over – including once from a sand trap. But in Reilly’s treatment, three things stand out: (1) Trump actually has game and is a pretty good golfer; (2) Trump cares a lot about the courses he owns; and (3) a lot of Trump’s supposed wild exaggerations turned out to actually be true.

    If you want to read about cheating, then in the same book read the section on Dewey Tomko, a professional gambler. Some of that is world class cheating.

  7. Reilly claims to be an expert on the subject of cheating but he never noticed every close election goes to democrats with new found ballots? Never picked up on 99% of voter fraud convictions belong to demo commies? Reilly never noticed Harry Reid, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the seditious gay Kenyan commie?

  8. Well, that’s it then, you got him, we might as will just stay home rather than go vote in 2020 and 2024.

  9. And hollywood STILL supports a guy who drugged and raped a little girl.

    Whats your point?

    Anonymous sources claim Rick Reilly was once caught having sex with his neighbors dog. And he wasnt on top.

  10. I’ve watched Reilly make his accusations against the president and it struck me as a demonstration of many qualities that make the man a great president.

    Highly motivated to win. Clever and creative at deriving means to come out on top. Bend the rules, break the rules, just win. This is the man I want negotiating trade deals with China. This is the man I want to see secure our border, despite the congress and the courts efforts to thwart his efforts to do all these things at are in the best interest of the nation.

    Hillary would have broke all the rules, violated the law and betrayed the nation to benefit The Foundation and the Clinton crime syndicate if she had been elected.

  11. …..and then you have the reverse cheater. I have a friend that would claim he was a 12 handicap, but was really closer to a 4 handicap. He did this for tournaments….He’d birdie or par a par 5 and write down a seven….

    …and he would slap a drive hard left or right depending on how far he was ahead in the match….sandbagging bastard!….

  12. “Did we ever learn Obama’s actual handicap?”

    His biggest handicap was trying to play golf with a 24″ dildo up his ass and a shitty dick in his mouth.

    izlamo delenda est …

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