Booker Back With More Gun Control-This Time Disguised As Suicide Prevention

The Lid:

Anti-gun U.S. Senator Cory Booker, the New Jersey Democrat who wants to be president, has expanded his recently-announced gun control plan by adding “suicide prevention” to the mix, prompting a leading national gun rights advocate to suggest his scheme faces the same hurdles as he does in his quest for the Oval Office.

“Booker has about as much chance of passing his gun control agenda as he does of being elected president.,” quipped Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Last week, Booker announced a sweeping gun control package. This week, he’s peddling a suicide prevention program that has, at its centerpiece, the implementation of a federal licensing program.

“Cory’s proposal for gun licenses would make it more difficult for those at risk of suicide to purchase a firearm,” says his latest pitch. “If you need a license to drive a car, you should need one to own a gun. Securing a federal license would require a background check, firearm safety training, and an in-person appointment — steps that combine to keep individuals in a moment of acute crisis from acting on their suicidality. Cory’s license plan builds on what works: according to a recent academic study, Connecticut found a 15.4 percent reduction in firearm suicide rates after passing its gun permit law, while Missouri saw a 16.1 percent increase in firearm suicide rate after it repealed its state licensing law.”

Once again, Booker is likening a constitutionally-protected right with a government-regulated privilege.”  more

13 Comments on Booker Back With More Gun Control-This Time Disguised As Suicide Prevention

  1. He sent T-Bone to Auckland to work with the hijab-wearing, buck-toothed pm, who just can’t understand U.S. resistance to gun confis…resistance to gun control.

  2. If someone has a license for a gun, exactly how is that going to prevent that person from killing themselves?

    On the other hand, if no one needs to show I.D. to vote, Booker might become president.

    Me thinks voter ID is more important.

  3. Why is Booger so concerned about preventing suicides? Isn’t the left for infanticide, assisted suicide, geronticide – basically all manner of murder?

  4. Izzat guy a genius or what? If guns were taken away a suicidal person would never think of overdosing, jumping, hanging, slitting wrists, or threatening to narc on Hillary. S/Off

  5. Vermont is on this train. They passed doctor-assisted suicide. They are enshrining the right to an abortion at any time for any reason in the state constitution. AND they are trying to pass a waiting period for handgun purchases as a way of preventing suicides. It makes me wonder if abortions were performed by shooting newborn infants, would the left be as interested in gun control?

  6. Booker the Hooker is working hard to maintain his place near the bottom of the candidates. There is just too many ways to commit suicide to name them them’s all in a single piece of legislation. Stupid!

  7. There’s other ways to commit suicide other than a gun. How about jumping off the side of a cruise ship? Seen that happen before. How about that notorious suicide bridge – The Golden Gate. We’ve got a suicide cliff near me. Despondent people drive right off of it and down into the canyon. Oh those nasty drugs that people OD on. Ban belts, people hang themselves with them. I’ll stop now as I could could get really carried away with how to kill yourself other than using a gun. Problem with all of them, you can’t take it back.


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