Boomer Triggers Gen-Z Snowflakes

This guy is hilarious.

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  1. ^^^
    Is that you, Kamala?

    You really should find a new vocation that doesn’t require knee-pads. Well past your expiration date.

  2. He was in Utah telling a joke about West Virginia passing a road kill law and Utah had just passed a similar law in the last legislative session.

    It is now Winter. Remember to change the cables to the opposite pole on your car battery so your car airconditoner will blow warm air and not cold

  4. This guy is VERY funny–People always say about some deaths At least he died doing something he loved–how about dying at Thanksgiving dinner with your inlaws? Then THEY will have a bad day!

  5. Thank you for posting this. I don’t normally sit through an entire skit but I did with this one. Really funny and relatable

  6. This guy’s terrific! I, too, rarely watch an entertainment video this long, but could have taken more! I appreciate that he doesn’t care about political correctness. It’s not that he was deliberately non-PC, it’s that he simply doesn’t care!

    Especially funny (to me anyway) was his suggestion that if you’re thinking of buying a birthday card for someone about to turn 100 that you hold off till the last minute.

  7. Best comedy I’ve heard in decades! Reminded me of early Drew Cary, observational common sense without any need for vulgarity. So agree with others, I could not stop listening and was entertained to the end!

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