If the Republican Party Is Dying, Why Are GOP Governors So Popular?


A new St. Leo’s poll in Florida shows Governor Ron DeSantis sporting an approval rating of 68 percent (with a disapproval of 20 percent). What’s most impressive about these numbers is that in every demographic that matters, DeSantis is polling above 50 percent — with both sexes, Hispanic (67 percent approval) and black voters (63), and among both parties.

When it comes to governorships, Florida isn’t an outlier. The last time the Morning Consult poll tabulated a list of the most popular governors, the top 14 — and 18 of the top 20 — were Republicans. These Republicans govern in states that have highly diverse electorates, from Alabama to Vermont.

Which is weird, because this very week, progressives at the New York Times and the Atlantic were assuring us that the GOP was so reviled nationally — and its agenda so toxic to the average American — that the party has been compelled to hide from “democratic accountability.”

Naturally, Charlie Baker can’t support the same policies in Massachusetts that Mark Gordon can in Wyoming. And some of these governors have their agendas tempered by Democratic legislatures, while others do not. But, like DeSantis, all of them tend to govern with a conservative disposition, and most of them openly advocate a conservative agenda. read more

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  1. …don’t know about other states, but Ohio has “republican” Governors because they’re GOP-E DIABLOS like Voinovich, Kasish and DeWine.

    …too much upstate Democrat money in the always red Detroit feeding car parts factories of the Northwest, the ultra-liberal city of Cleveland, the reliably red university town and Muslim sanctuary State Capitol of Columbus, and joined in less than one generation with the conversion of formerly rock-ribbed Republican stronghold of Cincinnati into the sanctuary city of the People’s Republic of Cincinnati thanks to refugee seeding by Obama, gerrymandering by Sherrod Brown, and a blue TON of race-baiting around the 2000 riots that caused White flight because White people didn’t enjoy the prospect of being pulled from their cars on Vine Street and beaten for their Whiteness, resulting in the entire COUNTY turning Traitor Blue, thus GUARANTEEING no ACTUAL Republican could EVER run Ohio AGAIN, just the fake-o-la, rights-snatching, Never Trump kind you can’t really tell from a Democrat ANYWAY.

    …call that a “republican” Governor if you like. I don’t. But just don’t expect any more out of him than you would Chick-Fil-A’s curren Board of Directors…

  2. and most of them openly advocate a conservative agenda

    Giving all the proles, what half the proles screech for, next Tuesday, instead of today, as long as the rulers still get paid today (every “today”), is the conservative way.

    Only a professional better can’t math why that wins “free and open” “elections”.

  3. @Prashanth December 7, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Dude! I thought you were gonna’ line me up to marry Helen Reddy! That chick is hawt! How old is that nymphet, now? 70? A little too young to be a real woman. But since we’d be gettin’ married, I thought it’d be OK.

  4. The GOP is infested with rats. These guys are winning because they are alternatives to fascist democrats.

    Imagine a GOP where the likes of Romney are kicked out.

  5. The only solution to purge the Congress of corruption and RINOs is to run a MAGA certified slate of candidates in every state and congressional district primaries every cycle(435 House & 33 or 34 Senate ). No swamp creatures need apply. Make it a national election with a clear vision of purpose.

    If they lose the primary, you still must vote for the Republican in the general election. It isn’t an option.

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