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Bored Panda is Sick of Explaining Why Your Opinion is Wrong

They listed a bunch of things in life that really ticks them off because people are too stupid to have the “correct opinion.”

– Giving people rights does not remove your rights. You don’t get a free right to suppress people who are not like you. BuT I dOn’T wAnT gAyS tO mArRy… Then don’t marry someone of your gender. You can still freely stay married to your opposite gendered spouse. It isn’t infringing on your rights. It bugs you that you can’t force other people to do what you want. (No.

– Your opinion does not carry the same weight as an expert who has spent their entire life working on an issue. (This is an odd one considering the topic. Do they read what they write?)

– That migrants can’t all be here to BOTH steal our jobs AND claim unemployment benefits. (Who has ever claimed that illegals are here to collect “unemployment”? Many “steal jobs” by working for lower wages off the books. Others sap resources meant for citizens. They do not have to be the same individual. The argument is preposterous, yet, they state it with self-satisfied smugness.)

– Harsh sentencing doesn’t deter crime. Study after study, decade after decade, this has been confirmed. The most significant effect on deterring criminal activity is likelihood of being caught. Harsh punishment has a negligible effect.


I’d like to add a few.

Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her porch.

Trump never said to drink bleach to cure Covid, nor did he say Mexicans were rapists, nor did he say Nazis are very fine people.

Anyone else want to add to the list?

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  1. My favorite lie was when Biden preposterously swore “to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    I’m still mad about that whopper. One should not make promises one does not intend to keep.

  2. Illegals were never going to steal my job. No “undocumented worker” stands a chance of stealing any job I ever had after I was 17 years old. Brad? Joe6pack? Are YOUR jobs at risk of being stolen by illegals? AmeriKKKa, When you kill 60 million of your own babies and the ones you didn’t kill hide in their mother’s basements, who is going to pull the wagon?

  3. The house to the east of mine is inhabited by white trash, druggies who walk past a burned out hulk of an RV they torched while they were probably cooking meth, 6 junk cars and a mass of garbage littering the ground on the way to their front door. The police have been to the house several times. The house to the west of mine in inhabited by a family of hispanics. They keep their place neat, decorate it for the holidays, they work their asses off, they raise animals to feed their family, and fluently speak two languages. No police have ever been to their door.

    Sure, I’m a fool.

  4. Blacks were considered less than human — only 4/5ths of a human.

    (This is one that, unfortunately, takes an understanding of conditions existing at the time. You know, American history? First you have to explain that American history is not the same thing as ancient history.)

  5. OR:

    To avoid arguing with dumb people, you just gotta agree with them.

    They be like: 2+2=5
    I be like: Hell, yeah, ’cause you gotta carry the one!

    (thanks, Woodsterman)

  6. bIDen:
    Your refusal has cost us all. Biden declares war on 80 million unjabbed Americans in speech ordering mandates on 2/3 of all workers and insists: this is not about freedom.

    the wHo:
    Anti-jab activisim is anti-science and a major killing force globally.

  7. Pfizer:
    It’s easy to be distracted by misinformation these days. Don’t worry, science has your back.

  8. “Giving people rights …”

    Uhh … so we pass out “rights” like so much chocolate?
    Who is “giving” these “rights” out?

    Seems to be unclear on the concept.

    And there’d be absolutely NO debate about illegal-alien invading rat-people, whether they invade for welfare or for jobs, if they’d JUST STAY THE HELL HOME!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. After poring over the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, there are a Shitload of things that are claimed to be “Rights” that are nowhere in those documents.
    Not even on the back.

  10. The Jug Eared Messiah, Barack Obama His Ownself. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. What rankles more than anything in that statement is how smug the bastard was when he said those words. What a bell-end he was & an even bigger one now in his third term.

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