Boris Johnson Adopts a Dog Who Was on Death Row


stella’s place– The pet was abandoned by a puppy farmer for having an undershot and misaligned jaw, meaning he was unlikely to sell and could have faced being destroyed.

 h/t I want one! 

14 Comments on Boris Johnson Adopts a Dog Who Was on Death Row

  1. Some are saying he should call it “Rexit”, but I think with that underbite he’s gotta name it “Bruce”. As in Bruce Springsteen.


  2. He sets an example I wish many more would follow. Too many choose pets and especially dogs like they were selecting a pair of fashionable shoes and once they become bored cast them aside.

  3. Adorable dog and good deed, Mr. Prime Minister. Hope his family has LOTS of energy. They’ll need it, to cope with a Jack Russell. 🙂

  4. Hmm whatever happened to those pure bred dog props the Obamas adopted. Are they hauling them to their new digs or have they been pushed aside to never be seen again.


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