Boxer turned bouncer who fought Mike Tyson knocks out rowdy customer – IOTW Report

Boxer turned bouncer who fought Mike Tyson knocks out rowdy customer


A viral video on Twitter shows an altercation between two groups of men and the security team at the venue in Wembley. One man in the video can be seen shouting profanities at the bouncers and a group of men as he is ushered out of the venue.

He can be seen shoving a smaller security guard and multiple people in the group as he is told to “chill” by mates. The man then begins to walk towards bouncer Julius Francis with his fist raised Watch what happens next Here

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  1. That ex-boxer can still deliver a right hand to the head! That dumb ass was out cold before he hit the ground.

  2. “Bit of a sucker punch but hey…”

    No. If your running your mouth advancing on someone get prepared to defend yourself. Obviously you are sending a clear message you wish me ill intent. Good Night sweet muzzie.

    I remember that Tyson fight. It wasn’t pretty.

  3. The most literal version of a bouncer I ever saw was decades ago at a club in Middleton Ohio that long since ceased to exist. It was a fairly large place that catered to the steelworkers at the local Armco Steel (now AK steel) foundary and could get a bit rowdy.

    Bouncer dude was built like an oak wine barrel, not a lot of arm and leg but with a thick neck angling quickly out to a huge waistline circumference before tapering back to almost human sized hips, but not flabby, very solidly built with it.

    There was a commotion and then he started to help someone leave. He did this by enthusiastically crashing his massive girth into the guy in front of him. Guy would swing but couldn’t hit anything but belly, everything else was too far behind it for him to effectively reach.

    He did this all the way out the door and into the parking lot where he smashed the obstreperous dude into a signpost so hard he dropped because he had the wind knocked out of him, then Bouncy tacked into the wind and sailed majestically back into the club.

    Pretty dang effective. Probably not so much against weapons, but wasn’t no one gonna be successful throwing hands…

  4. “In the video Francis can be seen walking away from the man who was put into the recovery position by friends as he lay out cold on the ground.”

    …about the ONLY right thing those guys did, although it wasn’t the best version thereof, and they sure didn’t mind letting his head flop around on his neck while doing it, did they? Man just had his world rocked by a boxer than bounced his noggin with no way to brace (because, unconcious) off the concrete, so you kinda have to suspect neck injury.

    This is how you place a patient into recovery position;×1016.jpg

    Note how the neck is under control at all times, he’s not just flopped over.

    …that said, at least they did SOMETHING. That “snoring” on the thumbnail and that you can actually hear when a person is unconcious is a restricted airway, and can cause injury or death if left as is. An unconcious person cannot guard their airway so someone else has to do it.

  5. ^^^^You have fighters and you have talkers. If your talking that much, you are most likely not a fighter.

  6. I’ve been in the middle of something like that.

    My buddy’s band was playing at a place called The Shipwreck. I was at a club and the gal sitting next to me kept asking some chippie to give her some room and stop dancing well off the dance floor and running into the back of her head. Didn’t faze the tramp (Obviously a stripper) and so I reached around the gal I was with and put my left hand on her skank butt and shoved her back toward the dance floor. The gal I was sitting with boy friend was in the band and the rotten crotch was jealous and trying to start shit.

    Then went back to chatting with friends. Then I felt a slap on the back of my head and turned to look and the nasty ho slapped me right across the face and wagged her bony finger in my face while telling me to never touch a lady’s butt w/o permission, then headed back out onto to the dance floor.

    Just them Norma, the server was walking by with a platter with four or five glass pitchers full of beer on it and I said I’ll take one of those, and while Norma was yelling at me to get back there with that beer and order my own I walked up behind little miss slap happy and poured the entire contents over her head.

    So she is standing there looking like a drowned rat and screaming at the guy she was dancing with to do something about it. This dumb son of a bitch is going to make like he is her white knight and comes at me with fist cocked. Wrong answer. I conked the bastard out colder than a wedge and split his head wide open with the pitcher.

    Friends of the guy laying in a pool of beer and blood were wanting to fight, but I still had a four lb solid glass knocker outer in my possession and had shown a willingness to put it to good use.

    About that time that my scrawny frame was hoisted off the floor by Henry and I was hauled out the front door by the scruff of my neck. Henry was a beast. He carted me around like I was a child with a rag doll. I only weighed a buck and a half.

    So I’m outside the front door standing there chatting with Henry, and along comes my girl friend (she just got off work). I’m already pissed the hell off and the last thing I needed was her Goddamned mouth running. Of course every time I told her to shut up she upped the damn volume. There is something about women, I think they got their volume control put in backwards. Shut up means the exact opposite of turn the volume up to the next level.

    So she’s pissed off because it’s embarrassing to have her boy friend fighting again and all covered in blood. I’m mad and getting madder when I found out the dirty bastard got blood all over my brand new Hofbräuhaus T-shirt my mother had just sent me from Munich and the brother of the guy they were attending to on the dance floor decides he needed to see if there was any more ass whoppins left where his brother got his from.

    He comes flying through the door looking just like the jackass that got laid out in the video here and Henry one shotted the dumb bastard right into the carpet. KTFO right there.

  7. ^ I’ve always pictured you at ~6’2″, 215 lbs., benching 275. So, I’ll change the picture!

    😀 Great story.

  8. I’m 5′-9″ and 245 now. That had to have been forty years ago. I wasn’t all that big, but I was a force to be reckoned with in a barroom brawl in those days.

  9. I bounced when I was in school for a while. The first place was a club down in Campbell Ca called the outlook. Highly organized, lots of communication, yada yada. The goal was not to get into it with anybody. If you had problems with a trouble maker you’d have the two other bouncer that worked there standing right next to you in a heart beat. It was a safe place for people to come and enjoy themselves. That lasted about three months and I ended up following one of my friend over to some cowboy bar. Holy shit. There was a problem about every 30 minutes. The guy I followed over there was also a lifting buddy. Plenty of gas in the tank. Long story short he had some damn drunk little used car sales guy try and sucker punch him. My bud ended up taking the guy up and over him and slamming him on the ground. He had a handful of hair in one hand when he did this. He was pissed and never let his wrist roll or let go of the hair. He ended up damn nearing scalping the guy. The guy sued him and the club and won. I was out of there my third night.

  10. I used to hang out in some pretty sketchy places.

    The Riverside in Tukwila WA was, hands down, the toughest place I’ve ever been in and I was in a lot of rowdy bars in the days of my youth. There were fights there every night.

    There is a place in Tacoma called Rock the Dock now, I forget what it used to be called. I have been in two that went down like a western movie scenes complete with bottles and chairs flying, eye gouging and biting.

    I got my face split open pretty bad at the Detour in Renton. I was with the band and we got in a fight with some guys and my buddy swung his Fender Jazz Base and missed the guy and split my head open. My girlfriend had a little yellow VW and was so shook up she missed the exit to Valley General twice before finally getting me in the ER to get stitched up. We made it back for the last set.

    My mom used to make up cock and bull stories about how she hates fighting. Everyone who knew her in her 20s told me that was hogwash, she was the primary instigator.

  11. My Mom was 100% Irish and loved a good scrap. I saw her in action once at a bar in Philly. She could kick ass and was a south paw too. God I miss her.

  12. Loud mouth banty rooster – who didn’t know his limitations got “planted” by the Hulk like he was swatting a fly. LOL!


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