Boy Scouts Facing Accusation Of Systemic Pedophilia

USA Today

A lawsuit filed late Monday against the Boy Scouts of America says hundreds of former scouts have come forward in recent months with new accounts of sexual abuse, allegations from across eight decades that touch nearly every state.

Lawyers began collecting the accounts this spring as they were preparing a suit, which they filed on behalf of a client who alleges his former scoutmaster plied him with drugs and alcohol before sexually abusing him.

The suit says the lawyers have so far identified 350 abusers who do not already appear in the Boy Scouts’ own disciplinary files, citing that as evidence that the scouting organization has not adequately vetted its volunteers and hidden the extent of its sexual abuse scandal. More

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  1. Well, doesn’t it sort of naturally follow, after allowing homo Scout “leaders”?!

  2. Hmm, it would seem the Catholic Church has run out of money/victims. Watch the lawyers expand this into a huge lottsa bucks cases.

  3. I’m not sure what the outcome is going to be. Sure, those guilty of committing these acts should pay (severely). But I don’t think the Boy Scouts have that much money. Maybe the officers/employees who swept this stuff under the rug for so long should be made to pay personally (for allowing the evil to be kept alive).

    Of course, it’s ironic that after the top management made it okay to allow homosexual boys as members and I believe allowed homosexuals to become scout masters (all in the name of being woke) that the organization may face destruction because of homosexuality.

  4. How many more conservative organizations will we allow the liberals to destroy? Do we really need to have more proof that they want to annihilate the lives we grew up knowing and they will fight “like hell” to prevent our future generations from having the same great childhoods?
    We must begin liberal-control now! Enough is enough! If we can’t get liberal confiscation by going door-to-door then at the very least we must begin registering all liberals so that we know where they are at all times and can prevent the next attempt to take over our great institutions.
    To help prevent the next liberal destruction of our world-class organizations go to and donate today.

  5. This is really about BSA actions from several decades ago. The current preventative practices are in fact quite robust; in fact a fellow Eagle who has spent his life in public education said to me last year that he was planning to suggest to his school district that they use the new BSA Youth Protection program.

    Wherever there are children there are predators, testing for access. BSA dropped the ball big time in the 70s. They are doing a good job now. And as always, keep an eye out in your particular troop, church, school, wherever.

  6. @ #*Menotu AUGUST 6, 2019 AT 2:33 PM

    “How many more conservative organizations will we allow the liberals to destroy?”

    Well, the libs and Board of Directors has teamed up to destroy the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in Canada.

    GROUND RULES – JULY 5 – 14, 2019

    The Following Tie-Down Roping rules will apply:
    The six second rule will not be in effect. Once time is called and the contestant has taken one
    step towards his horse and maintains a forward motion towards his horse, a three second time
    will start. The calf must remain tied during this three second time period. To clarify, a legal tie
    must consist of three legs crossed, at least one wrap around all three legs and a hooey.

    So in other words Calf Roping, renamed Tie Down Roping in 2006, is no longer an event in Calgary. Calf roping was one of the original rodeo events. If the calf doesn’t need to stay tied for six seconds AFTER THE COWBOY HAS REMOUNTED then they may as well just call it a day and go all in and replace Calf Roping with Break Away Roping and call it good.

    I’ll tell ya’ why they haven’t gone there YET. Because fans take the opportunity to go take a piss they have been holding during break away roping. Nobody except friends, locals and other members of women’s roping clubs gives a crap about Break Away Roping and no rodeo fan would pay a wooden nickel or walk across the street to watch this Goddamned morphodite Calgary bullshit.

  7. and that’s why me mum pulled me outta bsa in the 70’s.

    she was right when she told me that:

    ‘pedos are only reformed, after being dispatched.’

    all 81 genders of them.

  8. Goes back 80 years.
    Long before they openly allowed gays.
    It won’t stop until everything you
    grew up with is defiled…

  9. @JDHasty AUGUST 6, 2019 AT 3:11 PM
    Thank you for the comment, after reading it I was reminded of the difference between several years ago and this year at the St Paul Rodeo in Oregon. Previously, the cowboy had to get back on the horse and wait, this year it was “Yep, he’s tied. Ok now untie him”. Huge difference. Still a feat on its’ own, but you’re right, the true intent and purpose for the need to rope a calf is gone.

  10. I am surprised they didn’t take the opportunity to announce this lawsuit sometime during the previous two weeks, during the two week World Scout Jamboree, that ended last weekend. [maybe the lawyers didn’t want to hinder the scout organization filling their bank account with the cash raked in from the attendance fees]

    afaik, it’s no long the Boy Scouts. It’s just Scouts BSA. I guess there are to many genders now days to continue using the former name.

    “This (world) jamboree came during a significant transition period in the Boy Scouts of America; the organization implemented changes in February to allow girls to join its main program, now called Scouts BSA. Cub Scouting began allowing girls last year. It is estimated around half of the jamboree’s attendees were female.” .

  11. Much of Mankind has evolved past IQ levels to include comprehension of values,connect the dots of reality , indeed, to recognize reality. While retaining individuality, they can cooperate with others to build for the future. These men and women have created Civilization and its Sciences, art and ethos. They have gained Empathy which has given them Nobility.Those without this genetic improvement were stopped at IQ and build nothing while tearing down everything. They seek only Power for the self…nothing more and construct a tawdry template to replace their lack or realistic perception. They believe in everything and therefore nothing. They are a poison to mankind and we are beginning to be able to recognize them, hence they must assume enough Power to destroy us….they destroyed the Boy Scouts as a system of raising future wise men, they demanded that the Girl Scouts learn oral sex techniques for a badge, they rotted the Catholic church, they tear down our heroes, scoff and ridicule our values, mock christianity, reward fatherless families and on and on. Gun Control is a must and they will get their wish through Power…recent events are the result of Democrats creating a world for male children rampant with confusing messages, call them toxic, argue against boundaries, belittle their fathers, destroy their fathers jobs, put them into groups that are supposed to hate each other and pretend to be outraged when a mass shooting occurs by a young man who has been shooting people all of his life on XBox. Want to stop mass shootings, there is only one way,…recognize the living dead among us, the Democrats who poison all values, the Leftist unable to love who will kill you en mass if given the Power they seek…keep your guns, the Left is rising and therefore, civilization is at the brink of chaos …

  12. @ #*Menotu AUGUST 6, 2019 AT 4:35 PM

    The jerk down rule was fine by me, if a calf isn’t on it’s feet when the cowboy gets there he has to put it on its feet before it can be flanked and tied. This takes time and ya’ ain’t gonna win anything if you are standing calves back up. But this nonsense of no six second rule is ludicrous.

  13. LCD this has to hurt.
    How many BSA leaders have there been over the last 80 years, that is how far back they are going,the left is out to destroy every thing in America. They will not stop. What is next.
    Notice they have not gone after the Girl Scouts.
    And yes all of the perves need to be held accountable.

  14. So they kick me out – after 37 years in Scouting, including working professionally at 2 different councils – AND my 3 sons, for REMAINING “MORALLY STRAIGHT”… to make way for the pedophiles and predatory homosexuals?!?! BRILLIANT! 😡

    You can HAVE the boi/boi-girl/tranny scouts of dystopia. I’LL stick with Trail Life USA!

  15. Homosexuals have destroyed everything they touch, from the Boy Scouts of America to the Catholic Church. America is next. It’s coming.
    You’re being raped America. Sit back and enjoy it.

  16. Now that they let in homosexual scout leaders for straight young boys, the ball-waxing badge will be required for an Eagle Scout badge.

  17. The Pine Derby Races were fun in Cub Scouts never made it to WeeBLOWS, just was not my thing.

    Another flower (institution) withers away on the Encroaching Invasive Liberal Vine.

    Oh well.

  18. My 3 sons, Rob, Chip and Ernie?
    And after all that time those Bastards called them out?
    Bob M, you’ve made the right decision!
    Question though, Uncle Charley always creep-ed the sh*t out of me, was that what the future brings thing or what

  19. The queers did it.
    Not the boy scouts.
    Not the catholic church.

    If you think i’m wrong, just ask yourself if the media would give white nationalists a pass if the boy scouts and catholic church has white nationalists committing heinous crimes.

    It would be all about the white nationalists.


  20. Remember when the boy scouts were literally forced to take gay scout masters. The LGBTQXYZ’s have screwed another great American institution again.

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