Brain Injured Man To Be Starved To Death by French Government

This one is tough to read-

Live Action– Quadriplegic man reportedly ‘cried’ when told France has ordered him to be starved to death.

France’s highest appeals court has ordered Vincent Lambert’s food to be removed following a six-year-long legal battle for his life.

The 42-year-old nurse, now in a hospital in Reims, suffered an accident in 2008 which left him quadriplegic and with extensive brain damage. He is described by some as “semi-conscious,” and by others as being “in a vegetative state.” Vincent can sleep and wake up, respond to some voices, can swallow, and breathe on his own. He is not dependent on machines to live, but he is dependent on nutrition and hydration being delivered in a special manner, like many people.

The Court of Cassation’s final ruling means that Lambert, who is not otherwise ill or at the end of his life, would be removed from food and water and left to die slowly, which can take 14 days or more. The decision cannot be appealed in France, but his parents are fighting the order and have threatened to press charges for murder if his food is removed. However, Vincent’s wife and six of his eight siblings believe he should be forced to die.

In 2015, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Vincent’s parents, but it wasn’t until May that doctors began removing feeding tubes due to “security concerns,” according to the BBC. The Paris Court of Appeals immediately ordered doctors to cease until the Court of Cassation handed down their final ruling, which they did on June 28th.


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  1. I guess death ain’t enough – gotta include torture?

    Aktion T4, anyone?

    Fuckin Frogs.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Death by starvation and thirst would be an illegal penalty for a convicted murder, it is torturous.

    If they want to kill him, they should be merciful and just give him a narcotics overdose.

  3. There’s an extra hot furnace being stoked in Hell right now… for those French officials.

    French national battleflag right here ———>

    NOW they’re surrendering to their own bureaucrats. 🙄 No wonder we hafta bail ’em out of every war… 🙄

  4. I know one way the court would immediately reverse its decision –If the condemned makes a hasty conversion to Islam.

  5. Jonathan E.: But even, uh, a plant… uh, feels something.
    Japanese Doctor: Who can say? Please.
    [hands Jonathan the release form]
    Jonathan E.: It, uh, senses life. I mean, uh, it turns towards the sun. It’s alive, isn’t it?
    Japanese Doctor: [stressing] You must sign.
    Jonathan E.: You, uh, you just leave him the way he is. Just leave him the way he is.

  6. Many of these cases are not as clear cut as many folks would like to believe.

    I’m out today so I can’t research this particular case but the post described him as in a “vegetative state”, are brain waves even present? Is he capable of even feeling pain, hunger, thirst or is he even “aware” of his environment, or his state of being?

    I assume his wife has power of attorney, she is the final arbiter of his well being, she and his siblings have decided that it is time to pull the plug, doesn’t she (they) deserve the respect of allowing them to decide what was clearly a well thought out decision to implement it? We should give them the benefit of the doubt that this decision was arrived at compassionately.

    Also, “starving to death” is a bit misleading in these instances. The patient is kept highly medicated, morphine, throughout so even highly cognitive individuals feel no pain, are not aware that their body is shutting down.

    He has been in this vegetative state for 6 long years, how long is the hospital (family) obligated to keep him in this state where he has no quality of life whatsoever?

  7. Doubtful that we will ever know the history and what has transpired to bring it to this point and note this to add to Rich’s comments above.

    From the BBC report, “They have long battled to keep him alive, but the case has divided their family as well as the nation. Mr Lambert’s wife, six of his siblings and a nephew have argued that the humane course was to let him die.”

    Be thankful for your own circumstances after considering any number of others’

    My own experiences conflict with proper or extended commenting from both sides of the issue if that can be possible.

  8. This is your “democratic socialism” folks.

    Do you think Bernie or Fauxahontus would do any less????

  9. “vegetative state” ?

    Then why did he cry when told of his impending torture?
    Kill him.
    OD on heroin or morphine is more “humane” than starvation.

    Hell, cutting off his fucking head is more “humane” than starvation!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Man brutally murders another person and is convicted of his crime: “It is in humane to execute him for his willfully taking of another person’s life. We are better than that.”

    Man is in an accident that leaves him paralyzed with brain damage: “Oh, let’s starve him to death because he is not worth helping.”

  11. This is murder. Torture and murder. Babies, then the elderly and now the sick. Then they’ll come for you, the dissident. Tell us then how you are not really “feeling” any pain? Then no one will dissent anymore. Murder of innocents = totalitarianism.

  12. He cried because he understood that he was going to be murdered. He’s a person who just so happens is not able to feed himself. Only a Godless nation with Godless people would let this happen.

    I’ve never seen one of these stories where the spouse isn’t on the sidelines cheering the death on.

  13. Not sure of all of Mr Lambert’s situation, this may be the most merciful thing for him personally.
    BUT…with MY personal situation, if I were sentenced to a slow lingering death like that, you can bet your sweet ass I’m taking as many of the bureaucratic assholes as I can with me. So what if I’m arrested, tried, and sentenced to die for murder?

  14. If you’ve never been in this position, you CANNOT know what trials and anguish this family has gone through. Personal sob story coming up – go to the next post if you don’t want to read it.

    My grandmother and mother both had strokes within a week of each other. My grandmother was alert mentally afterwards but couldn’t move or care for herself. My mother became less and less mentally capable until she could barely respond. She couldn’t even manage ‘blink once for yes’.

    It got to the point my grandmother refused to eat. The nursing home asked me if they should put in a feeding tube. I spoke with her and she adamantly refused. It broke my heart but I had to give her the respect of making her own decision. She knew exactly what it meant. I followed her wishes and she passed within 2 weeks.

    When it came to my mother, she wasn’t able to tell us what she wanted us to do. My siblings both said to put in the feeding tube. I thought it was wrong then and still do today – she was bedridden for 2 more years, trapped in a body that couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, and could barely react. I hope and pray she WASN’T cognizant because it would be a living hell if the bright person she’d been was still in there screaming to get out.

    This man and his family have gone through something at least as difficult. I can’t say they’re monsters – he may have been crying in relief for finally being allowed to go. My wife and I both agreed that if one of us is in the same situation with no hope of recovery, we won’t make the other linger, we’ll let them go.

    I can’t condemn these people without more information. I agree he should be given all the painkillers – and more – he needs, and even to help him pass if that’s what he wants. The outcome is certain in any case.

  15. What did his wife stand to gain? She could have divorced him for her own freedom. Life insurance at his death? If the family is Catholic, the Pope could have threatened ex-communication of all of them for murdering him. He was not in a vegetative state. He could hear and see and minimally respond. He was not dying, but needed loving encouragement to live, which his family resented being responsible for doing–except his mother. Six siblings could have shared the responsibility and probable cost. Obviously not Christian, because they had no faith in God for help, nor sacrificial love for their own brother.

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