He was charged with trespassing.

h/t Dave.

11 Comments on BREAKING NEWS: Vladimir Putin ARRESTED!

  1. Whenever Donald Trump says he and Vladimir Putin are buddies and can get along, he’s talking about Vladimir Putin of West Palm Beach here. They hang at Donald’s Florida home.

  2. I woke up to a police stand-off at the end of my block. About 10 am they started the tear gas or flash bangs. BOOM! I thought it was over until that started. We all watched from our area a house or two away from mine, but nothing to see but 5 cops or so on this side of s squad and about 12-15 booms over the next hour with some bull horn pleas for him to come out.

    I just checked out a local news page and found a very very appropriate photo. The chick is wearing a sports jersey with this on it:

    0 0

    I almost covered my screen with the water I was drinking. So funny and so right. Game over, loser.

    I watched CBS interview a few of my neighbors. Funny how there were 15-20 of us standing around. filming, talking, joking until they came up with a camera and mic. Then it was two. We all backed up except for them. They were brother-sister. Only one gave permission to air the interview.

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