Palin Head Injury Becomes Comedic Fodder For Late Night Talk Shows


Because it’s funny.. Hahahahahaha.

And do you know where the funny is regarding Hillary on Late Night Talk Shows? The funny is that the right thinks that Hillary might be frail, sick and hiding health issues.


I just went to the doctor for a check-up.

He asked me to open a jar of pickles.

He said I’ll be fine.

11 Comments on Palin Head Injury Becomes Comedic Fodder For Late Night Talk Shows

  1. I think Hillary’s falls are pretty funny!
    All those spasm, too!!
    Can’t *wait* for her to completely keel over!

  2. Fur, I think you came up with the solution to the shortcomings of Obolocare.
    If you pass the pickle jar test you go home, if you don’t you get put to sleep.
    No doctors required, no hospitals, finally universal health care for all. Hail Oblowme provider to all.

  3. Dropping dead will be her Finale’, the final curtain call for Cankles the Crunt. Standing ovations? NOT SO MUCH, in fact, more like something chorus-wise from the Wizard of Oz by the “little people”…

  4. The most attention Colbert is going to get is from condemnations from the right for being such an oblivious A-hole. The whole point of sharing Palin’s injury goes right over the left’s heads.

  5. Prayers for Sarah.

    Kind of OT: One of the utuber homesteaders I watch just got into a bad mountain bike accident. Starry Hilder. She’s a little bit weird but she is a godly woman, an accomplished athlete, and a self-sufficient homesteader. What happened was a stick got into her front spokes and flipped her face-down on pavement. Broke her teeth and really messed up her face. She is really torn up about it.

    Both these sweet ladies could use some prayers.

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