Space Man From Pluto

When you’ve been critiqued unfavorably, but feel you have it right, read this.bttf

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  1. Looking at the notation at the bottom old Sid dictated it. Try reading it again with Jackie Mason’s voice.

    And MCA is no longer. I wonder whatever happened to that Spielberg guy?

  2. Tremendous does not sound gay.

    Wonderful can easily be substituted with “Lovely”, which I even have a hard time typing.
    We had a wonderful lovely time. Ughh, I need to go lift some weights and shoot something now.

  3. @bad Brad. I adored your fabulous comment.

    OK now that’s fucking gay. Wonderful, although I would never use the word personally, is sorta iffy. But I agree about the weights and the shooting.

  4. I use the word “wonderful”. Usually in a sarcastic or wry way. I also wear pink shirts with a grey pinstripe suit.

    I’m just one of those guys can pull that shit off and look good doing it.

  5. @Bad Brad:

    If you need to shoot someone, may I propose my Holy Trinity of Liberal Asswipes Who Are Totally Fucking up My Entire Life Right Now:


    I have really HAD IT with these guys. The would would be a much better place without them.

  6. Brad, irony exists. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that.

    Jethro, never tried to light one of my farts. Pretty sure I’ve not missed out on much.

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