Breaking: Plane Held in Quarantine at Newark Airport

Passenger got sick on a plane from Belgium. Awaiting CDC.

Details here

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  1. Another Liberian traveling with a 10 year old child.

    Amazing that the US Gubment shut down air travel to Israel for four days over an errant muzzie rocket yet we still allow flights in from ebola land.

    What’s it going to take??

  2. Chieftain,
    It’s going to take one of the Washington elites being exposed to Ebola before they do anything for us peasants.

  3. Chief: Malia and Sasha dying. A mass outbreak against non-white people at Sidwell Friends. Then he would pretend to care. If Michelle did then Reggie could console him.

    Ever get the feeling that you’re watching that scene from Jaws where the Mayor knows the shark hasn’t been caught but keeps imploring everyone to get back in the water because there’s nothing to worry about?

    Our government is not looking out for our safety or interests. Quite the opposite for a reason that is lost on me without assigning nefarious motives.

  4. Obama’s Creed

    Give us your unskilled future welfare recipients, your diseased, your huddled Terrorists hell bent on killing us.

    This is Fing stupid. Stop the planes already. If the head idiot won’t do it where’s Congress? Surely they can apply some pressure on the moron.

  5. Baseball will suffer as well. I have heard, political assassinations are a national pastime in third world countries…are we 3rd world yet?

  6. Newark? NEWARK?

    Seriously, does anybody GAF what happens to Newark?

    Even Gov. Krispie don’t GAF unless there’s a Dunkin Donuts at risk.

    The Rise of the Zombies!

  7. I agree with Brian.
    If Malaria and Snatchy get sick from eating the arugula at their private school, then O’preezy may just give a damn.

  8. The airlines could cease these incoming flights on their own.

    When government won’t act to protect people, citizens and corporations should.

    My company often imposes travel bans or restrictions on places that the state department hasn’t designated yet. You do it for the safety of your own people unless you want to your ticket takers, flight attendants and pilots to die.

    Your stock to plummet. And being remembered as the airline carrier that brings us all the diseases that are probably still infesting the seats they never clean.

    They are going to feel it on Monday morning if they don’t get out ahead of this.

  9. “The airlines could cease these incoming flights on their own.”

    The Pilots might stop it. I posted here the other day that my Brother in laws a pilot, and the pilots are freaken out.

  10. The progcunts are already spinning the Ebola issue.

    1. It’s caused by religious ignorance, especially the ignorance of missionary MDs treating Ebola patients in Africa.

    2. Racism.

    3. Stupid conservatives.

    4. Budget cuts.

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