Breaking: Trump-Appointed Judge Rules in Favor of CNN, Rules WH Must Return Acosta Press Pass

A federal judge has just ruled in favor of CNN and Jim Acosta, saying the White House violated Acosta’s fifth amendment right to due process.

The judge, Timothy J. Kelly, was appointed by President Trump. He wrote that Acosta also “most likely” did not assault a White House aide who was trying to take a microphone from him.

Judge Kelly is expected to rule further on first amendment issues in the case in the coming weeks.

58 Comments on Breaking: Trump-Appointed Judge Rules in Favor of CNN, Rules WH Must Return Acosta Press Pass

  1. Acosta is a guest of the white house; his pass is an invitation, not a lease which needs to have eviction action taken.

    If I were Trump I would kick him out every single day.

  2. I fail to see how a press pass becomes a due process issue. DP is for matters of life, liberty, & property, not for privileges.

  3. The judge judged wrongly. It doesn’t matter whether Acosta assaulted the aide or not. Acosta refused to abide by explicit and implicit standards of behavior. He has done that in the past many times, but the recent episode was particularly egregious.

  4. Democrats can do whatever they want. Have you heard any republicans condemning Acosta’s behavior? Spineless paper shufflers. It’s why they lost the House.

  5. Acosta makes all the news outlets look bad. Let him back in and just mock him. Make him the butt of all jokes. Make is so bad for all the other reporters there that they tell him to shut up so someone else can ask a question.

  6. Fine. Then move them ALL outside. Make the phony bastards in the press submit their childish questions via email a few days ahead. They can get their answers on live TV like the rest of us. Phukkem.

  7. First of all Acosta wasn’t asking a question of the president he was lecturing him. Secondly he was demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the man as well as the office.
    Trump should completely ignore this childish imp and he’ll become more and more unruly until he’ll have to be dragged out by security.
    Is anyone else had about enough of these judges exercising power that goes well beyond their legitimate authority?

  8. OKAY. It’s time to cease ALL press access inside the White House. That way Jamie Accoster can’t claim that he/she/xir is being “singled out”.


  9. That was the HARD (permanent) press pass. He could still ask for a daily temporary one, he just didn’t want to so he could be a martyr for the stupid.

  10. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

    This POS “trump-appointed judge” uses his position to once again IGNORE the constitution and rule from personal opinion and he was “vetted” how and by whom may I ask?

    I am sick to death of all these “vetted” people on Trumps “lists” that turn out to be RINO’s or worse once they get the position they want and then publicly stick it to President Trump as much and as hard as often as possible in return.

    Trump has much winning to his credit, but when it comes to picking a winning team or even a loyal one, he sucks as badly as obamma does during pivot-man competition’s at ManCountry on Ladies night!

  11. Just don’t call on him. Ever.

    Make him sit there on the bench like the wart on a frogs ass that he is.

  12. This judge has taken us another step toward complete anarchy that they appear to want.
    Even a layman can understand that this ruling is clearly a farce. Appointee of Trumps or not he is completely out of line and is looking to diminish the presidents authority. Just sickening.

  13. How about this- do the press conferences, but limit them to 5 minutes of questions and tell them up front.

    When jim starts to get chatty and yelling, blocking other reporters’ attempts to ask questions, Trump or Sarah can say, “Well, I told you I had 5 minutes. You can thank jim for me not getting to your questions” And then just walk out.
    And then let the other reporters handle jim. LOL

  14. The White House briefing room is a courtesy. An option.

    CLOSE THE ROOM! Fill it with houseplants and include it in the WH tour.

    Make the reporters camp out on the lawn. In rain and in snow.

  15. Actually, every single press conference go ahead and call on him first, second, third, fourth. Give every question to him. Feed the beast. Once every reporter realizes the “look at me, look at me” ego is being fed then they’ll take care of the issue.
    Much like vigilante justice rises up when the regular law and order breaks down and officials won’t enforce the law.
    If every press conference becomes a personal one-on-one interview between Megyn K— oops I mean Jim Acostelly — then you’ll see the other networks drop their support off CNN, and also the network will be further marginalized.
    It may not make sense, but that’s because we’re still living with a normalcy bias where right is right and wrong is wrong.
    Every comment on here reflects that: “Let him back but don’t answer any of his questions” – “Put him in the back and ignore him”.
    No! In the current environment where up is down we also to reverse our thinking.
    Feed the beast. Make it all about him. Give him the rope he so desperately craves so he can hang himself.
    Give him every single question for 15-20 minutes and say that’s all the time we have for the press conference.
    Do that for an entire week or two.
    Then we’ll see the real change – and it won’t be pretty.

  16. Da “Judge” screwed up big time. Newz Bozo’s are guests of the peope, if they dont like it,
    they can shove it. The President has the right anyone at any time for any reason, period!

  17. Acosta is phony attention seeker who should be apologizing to everyone involved including Trump, or just quit and get a real job.

  18. By all means let Acosta back in the WH, and when he asks a question, refer to him as “Jimmy” or “Jimbo” in front of his peers. Do this at every opportunity, Acosta can’t do a damn thing about it.

  19. Move the press conferences to Baltimore (not the touristy part) and return the room to its previous purpose, a swimming pool.

  20. There are no 1A violations here. If there were, the judge would have already said so and wouldn’t be ‘thinking about it’ to say so at a later date. No one stopped jim from acting a fool inside the press room and didn’t stop him from crying about it on TV.

    The judge is only saying that the WH didn’t investigate him and speak to him about touching the intern and formally complain (by letter or whatever) about jim’s actions before they took his hard press pass.

    That’s more courtesy than what you and I would get had we acted like that at a city council meeting.

  21. Tell the judge to ESAD A press pass is not a RIGHT, it is a privilege, and is Completely controlled by the President.

  22. OK.
    Then I have a “right” to be a press maggot in the White House?
    I have a “right” to be a million dollar talking-head?

    CNN should start sending my checks, NOW! In fact, they owe me for the past 65 years! If I have a “right” to access to the White House, and if I have a “right” to be a million dollar talking head, then I have had that “right” since birth – since “rights” are granted by “Our Creator” at birth, n’est pas?
    And are “unalienable?”

    Send my money – or see the “judge.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. I wonder how the judge would react to an attorney who kept shouting out at him, and refused to sit down and shut up when told to? We all know the answer to that.

  24. I love it when President Trump dismissed acosta with his simple observation: “Stupid question. Next”

    Give me more. Lots more of that.

  25. It may be a consolation to think about Acosta continuing to damage whatever is left of his profession but it is highly disturbing and damaging when the left uses the court system to force their agenda and desires. Ultimately they don’t want Trump to be able to make any appointments or decisions. And this just gets them more emboldened to rely on the courts to get their way. And to ensure the courts will support their agenda.

  26. I don’t know, but if the original complaint from the WH was that he touched the intern and was battling for the mic- then the judge didn’t see it as an assault, [ plus jim wasn’t suspended or investigated by secret service, blah blah blah] then that’s why he got his press pass back.

    Had the WH revoked his press pass because he was interrupting, acting out, being the normal assmonkey he is, then the judge probably wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    Any lawyers in the house that can explain it?

    Let me add that since the judge said that no one has to call on jim during question session, that means his 1A was never stifled by Trump or Sarah.

  27. 1) Appeal.
    2) Move all press conferences outdoors. Put Sarah or Trump under an awning and let the press stand on the grass. Don’t even provide chairs.
    3) Do away with assigned seating (no chairs, remember?).
    4) NEVER call on Acosta again. If he shouts his question, tell him it was a stupid question and you’re not going to answer it.

  28. This is only a temporary order, the judge will still hear the case and make a ruling that will be permanent. Acosta could and should still lose his hard pass to the WH.

  29. Let me try to “Pollyanna” this:
    -Nobody can say that the Judge was in collusion with the President;
    -Abilio will have more time to continue to make a fool out of himself;
    -Sarah Huckbee can just ignore him.
    Yeah, it can be fun.

  30. Since there is a possibility that Acosta will try and grab Mic from others put him in corner on stool with dunce hat.

  31. Ban cameras like the used to do.

    They’ll be less incentivized to grandstand.

    But also, appeal this to the Supreme Court. How can a privilege be credentialed by an entity but never eligible to be restrained or revoked by that same entity.

    By this logic, I am a reporter and have 500,000 followers on Twitter. They revoke their platform to me because I say only men have a penis. How are they not denying my due process after once having granted me an account.

    It’s just saying No Coloreds at the lunch counter during Jim Crow.

    I’m the sacred press.

  32. …President Trump should simply say, “Timothy J. Kelly has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”
    …and refer all further inquiries to the precedent set by Democrat President Andrew Jackson in his response to Worcester v. Georgia, and CONTINUE to ban this jackass until he dies of bitterness and old age…

  33. Listen UP tards- The Law that the ACOSTA Judge based his decision on.. Is NOT a WIN for CNN – it’s just outlining PROCEDURE

    Literally all the judge is saying is that the White House must put it in writing, and give the ‘reporter’ an opportunity to RESPOND before pulling the press pass.

    It STILL allows the whitehouse the final decision, the court is just saying that a CERTAIN PROCEDURE must be followed.

    This is a really simple fix – All the White House needs to do is put the reasons for revocation IN WRITING – let Acosta respond in writing, and THEN make it’s final ruling.

    ALL final powers are still within the disposition of the WHITE HOUSE – they simply need to follow the ‘Due Process’ (mock administrative procedure) to complete the task.

    This ISN’T a ‘win’ for CNN – this is a joke.

    For fucks sakes people READ.

  34. Sure, let AccostHer back in. At the next press conference let the questioning go like this:

    God Emperor Trump calls on reporter: “The person to the left of the horrible person Accosta”. Incoming question.

    God Emperor Trump calls on reporter: “The person to the right of the horrible person Accosta”. Incoming question.

    Rinse. Repeat. Never, ever call on that Asshat Accosta again.

  35. “…violated Acosta’s fifth amendment right to due process.”

    So, the press conference is a legal proceeding?

    What is that judge smoking?

  36. Lunatic Fringe –

    Sure would be sad if something were to happen to the judge on his way to work.


    This is just frivolous BS…not a legal battle. It should’ve just been thrown out.

  37. Whoever vetted this “judge” should be made to wear the Dunce Cap of shame for 30 days. Make it bright red.

    Signal to everyone else, “don’t be THIS guy/girl”.

  38. “Anonymous
    NOVEMBER 16, 2018 AT 12:37 PM
    All indications now are that Trump is going to be a one term wonder”

    Yeah, Anonymous, Acosta is the hill where MAGA will die on!!111

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