UK’s Cautionary Socialized Medicine Tale


As Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (I) continues to tout the so-called benefits of “Medicare for All” — despite its exorbitant costs and the fact that the next generation of progressive socialists have no idea how they’re going to pay for it — the United States would do well to look across the pond to see exactly what socialized medicine will bring: rationed care, scarce resources, and doctor visits that could include you and 14 strangers.

According to reports, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), championed by progressives as the paragon of socialized medicine, is intending to include in its upcoming 10-year plan a scheme that will effectively mandate group primary care visits, which could include as many as 15 patients meeting with one general practitioner (GP) at a time.

This latest report reveals the unsettling truth about government-run health care: while American proponents of socialized medicine routinely praise single-payer countries for spending so little on medical care, they almost never mention that one of the primary reasons these nations can control their costs is because they’ve made it much harder for doctors to deliver health care to patients. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the United Kingdom, where health care is planned, financed, and delivered almost exclusively by NHS, an agency that routinely underpays providers and denies reimbursements for critical services patients need in order to meet its budget.  more

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  1. No problem, they’ll just bring in foreign and substandard workers with questionable credentials to provide health services. Those in office don’t care, they have ensured their own coverage is first rate on our dime.

  2. 15 in a room will feel like the ultimate in privacy and luxury to the New English who arrive from foreign climes where infrastructure and service competence are virtually unknown.

    Anyway, the main point is to get rid of privilege. How better than to have to disrobe and talk about private matters in a group of strangers.


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