Bretagne, Last Known Living 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Dog, Honored in NYC

TammyBruce: A woman and her magnificent best friend. May God protect and bless their extraordinary souls.

bretagne 9.11 search and rescue dog

Via ABC News.

The last known living 9/11 search-and-rescue dog was recently honored with a weekend full of surprises in New York City, where she also celebrated her 16th birthday.


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  1. Beautiful. Well done, Bretagne! Over the years I was honored to have owned three Goldens. IMO, they’re the most humanoid of all the breeds– sweet, highly attuned to human emotions, eager to please, loyal to the max, and they love people.

  2. What a beautiful girl; Happy 16th Bretagne & thank you for your service!

    You rarely get that many years out of a Golden.

    My then-girlfriend-now-wife (who lived through the back yard) had “Hannah,” whose B-Day was 09/11

    She was part of the ‘deal,’ with which I had no problem whatsoever & moved into my house before we got hitched.

    Fewer steps and a truly mutual admiration greased the skids.

    She made it 15 years/4 months/10 days, two weeks after we moved into our new house.

    There’s no question in my mind that she just wanted to make sure we got situated before she left.

    We have Hurley now, who is north of Ten.

    There’s a good reason they’re called ‘best friends!’

  3. In my teens I had a dog that looked very much like her. Sweetest and most beautiful dog that ever lived, imho. If I could have another just like her, I wouldn’t hesitate. Happy Birthday beauty.

  4. @Vixen: I have also owned three golden retrievers. They are wonderful dogs: funny, smart, goofy, friendly, and very loyal.

  5. Dogs like this are worth more than a hell of a lot of humans that populate this place. I too, agree that they are a gift from God.

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