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You Don’t Have To Live Like A Refugee


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  1. Our Vets are dying by the thousands waiting for medical care, and of the living Vets, nearly 50,000 are homeless. We also have millions of regular American citizens who are homeless. I say, when we have all of our own human beings well taken care of, THEN we can maybe consider adopting refugees from some country that doesn’t despise us and wish death to us!

  2. ‘WATCH: Syrian Girl explains the MIGRANT CRISIS like nobody else’

    Syrian Girl, as she’s known, explains the migrant crisis into Europe and the way the media is handling it like no one else I’ve heard, and I highly recommend it to you. It’s very good analysis with the slight exception that she’s somewhat pro-Palestinian, so you’ll have to ignore a couple of brief comments she makes in the video. But otherwise it seems she’s right on the money, especially with respect to Obama and Turkey.


    Read more:

  3. The sign that bastard is holding should read ISUK. Have y’all seen the picture of that Naledi creature scientists are bragging about? Ain’t nothing new. We’ve had one living in the whitehouse for several years. obama is married to the bitch.

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