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British MPs Want To Make It Illegal To Tweet ‘Send Them Home’


Daily Caller: Sure, terrorism is bad. Nobody appreciates it, other than the terrorists. But more importantly: How do we stop people from saying things about it that we don’t like? For that matter, how do we prevent mean people from ever, ever hurting anybody’s feelings online?

Here in America, that damn First Amendment keeps getting in the way of any real progress. But over in the UK, they’re a lot more forward-thinking.

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15 Comments on British MPs Want To Make It Illegal To Tweet ‘Send Them Home’

  1. The article didn’t talk too much about MP’s however I would suspect they are mostly Labour Party members from Scotland and Wales. As part of Brexit the Conservative government ought to consider encouraging these two shining beacons of socialist thinking to leave Britain and finally let her stand on her own. It will just be funny to watch a downcast independent Scotland holding hands with a tiny Wales knocking on the door of the EU pleading to be let in out of the cold.
    In any event I think I’ll send the Metro Police an London a tweet indicating that nothing the young woman said was untrue and it’s not Christians strapping on the bomb vests while being ignored by the majority of peaceful Christians.

  2. I’d like to back Damian Isherwood into a corner and demand an answer to the question, “Do you believe that hatred is always irrational and undeserved and that even such people as child sex traffickers should not be hated?”

  3. They long for the day when the sheep can only bleat harmlessly and not cry wolf.

    Crying hate crime like this is actually a hate crime against the people, considering the resulting terror played out against the sheep.

    “Shut up and be slaughtered” is just too blunt, I guess.

  4. people take this bible verse out of content–judge not least you be judged- what is meant by this is not to judge people for a personal offense against you such as slander- or your choice of faith- etc. But it does not mean to not judge people that want to kill you-rape you-steal from you etc. It’s called free speech and if you don’t like what people say or they don’t like what you say- O Well–don’t say anything then or walk away if you don’t like the conversation. TWEET ON — GO HOME….

  5. We are ALL Judges — if you park your brains at the church house door and refuse to judge right from wrong, (because of your own failings) then all your ethics/morality doesn’t mean a damn thing and you reap whatever comes your way.

  6. The UK needs a latter-day Churchill …. someone with an extremely hard shell, who can take the slings and arrows and bombs and insults and terror attacks that will come his way and not be deterred. Someone with nothing left to lose, but everything to gain (his country restored to greatness!)

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