Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Contemplating Doing Nude Photos





There is a story associated with this headline.

But is it really necessary?

It’s at the Blaze, I don’t like linking the Blaze.

We’ll link the Conservative Tribune.

31 Comments on Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Contemplating Doing Nude Photos

  1. “No one has worked harder than Cait to get the body she wants and, naturally, she wants to show it off.”

    Uh huh. He paid cash for it. That dude is a walking science experiment.

  2. Speaking of the Blaze, maybe Glenn Beck can get the she-male in question to display his glistening body in cheese dust.

  3. Dear “Caitlyn”,

    We took a vote. Nobody wants to see a 70 year old woman naked, especially when the 70 year old “woman” is actually a 6’2” tranny with a penis and a set of droopy old man balls.


    All of Humanity

  4. Where can I get a copy?

    Oh, yeah, Moose wants one too.

    Or is that won two? My teleprompter isn’t working …

    And have the SS pick up a couple of tubes of KY while they’re at it …

  5. “There are no chicks with dicks, there are only guys with tits” Ted, in Ted 2.

    I will go far out of my way to avoid seeing Bruce Jenner’s implants and junk. Thank you for the warning BFH.

  6. Mental illness on full display. IF he/she was fulfilled by the change why would he/she feel compelled to publicly show your goods to the world? For attention? And seriously, I don’t want to see anyone 67 years old with their clothes off. This isn’t exactly wearing a mini skirt after 40.

  7. Bruce, you are doing a fantastic job of erasing any memory of your Olympic feats. Too bad that wasn’t good enough for you.

  8. Bruce ,,, You’ll be a woman soon

    You’re changing so much, I cant count the ways
    This boy’s now a girl and all they can say is
    “He’s re-assigned”
    Your wacky new look’s the talk of the town
    And I never know when I reach around
    What I’m gonna find
    Dont let them gouge a vagine
    Dont you know
    Bruce … You’ll be a woman soon
    Please … dont change your brand
    Bruce … you’ll be a woman soon
    Soon … you’ll be un-manned

  9. YES! I’ve always wanted to see what fake boobs and a schlong coupled with shriveled testes look like on the same body!

  10. That there tranny blew a seal. Ole Quasi-camel-toe best keep its clothes on, nobody wants to see a naked 67 year old former javelin thrower.

  11. Old Brucie the weirdo is both irate and jealous that his perverted family members get to run around stark bare butted naked in public all the time and he doesn’t!

  12. So, when is “It” going to get fed up and jump from the Empire State Building or the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m getting tired of waiting.


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