Bugs Ready to Feast On Burners – IOTW Report

Bugs Ready to Feast On Burners

The earlier scouting reports being posted weeks ahead of the annual Burning Man event in the Nevada desert warn of large aggressive biting insects infesting the site.



 Some see the hand of nature at play here, since this has reportedly been an unusually wet year at Black Rock. 


Others see the hand of God calling down a pestilence against the hedonism that is the main attraction of this annual event.

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  1. I truly believe that these bugs were left by the same people who are going to occupy that piece of desert in Nevada. I have witnessed first hand these people who come into Reno from Burning Man and stay at the hotels in Reno to clean themselves up. They leave an inch of sand in the swimming pools, and don’t get near the hot tub, creepy things are floating in the water when they get out of the hot tub. They don’t believe in combing their hair so no wonder there’s biting bugs at Burning Man. The bugs are prolific breeders and patiently wait for their hosts to return. I am dead serious!

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