BullS**t Biden or Gaslight Joe?


Pray Tell Joe. Which Is It? BullS**t Biden or Gaslight Joe?

We’ve all had the word burned into our minds almost since the day Donald Trump announced his run for President. “Collusion.” It was the grease for the most egregious example of fake news of our time. And we’ve all heard the word “gaslighting“, a tactic of people who try to control others through manipulation, often accusing others of behaviors that they are engaged in themselves.

And while DJT never ‘colluded’ with Russia or anyone other than hard working Americans, it looks as if it’s Joe Biden running smack into hard, admitted collusion with foreign leaders. But he’s keeping WHO a secret.

Consider Biden’s recent boast, as reported in Politico, that “I get calls from people all over the world — world leaders are calling me — and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world.” Level with us ‘Lunchbucket Joe’, Who are they? What foreigners are attempting to influence our election and direction of our policy? Umm Joe.  MORE


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  1. Deja vu Joe?

    “Hillary Clinton says foreign leaders are privately reaching out to her to ask if they can endorse her to stop Donald Trump from becoming president of the United States.”–The Hill, 3/13/2016

  2. So, Joe, those world leaders: Any chance they’re from terrorist countries in the middle east, or Cuba, Venezuela, South Africa, China, Russia? Now they wouldn’t happen to be paying your son millions or billions would they now? How many of them depend on illegal drug money? Any of them speak Farsi? Have any of them stood by America? Didn’t think so.

  3. Tonight Mark Levin went on at length about “Low IQ Joe” and his lies since he first ran for President in the 80’s. He wondered where the fact checkers at the Washington Compost have been all this time lol.

  4. Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post Pinnochiometer won’t Fact check all those calls from foreign leaders, mainly the ones who pay him through his son, who I’m implored him to “save America”.

    Scumbucket Joe had two brain aneurysms 30 years ago and is 6 years older than Trump. But Trump’s got dementia. Ok.

    Bring him on and steal the nomination from Sanders again. In case you couldn’t tell, the enemedia killed his godawful launch from last week, the poorly attended union rally, his Anita Hill fuck up, running down the women who accused him of touching, etc.

    He’s the future! White Male 2020.

  5. The fact that slow Joe the pervert, groped touched, smelled and kissr little girls was horrific enough. But to do it in front of their parents who he had power over shows what a arrogant low life he is.


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