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Bum Fight


Former actors John Cusack and Michael Rappaport blasted one another over Israel. As a great man once said, Let them fight. 

Probably because he watches cable news, keyboard activist John Cusack not only fell for the idea that Israel targeted and bombed a hospital in Gaza, the former actor used his Xwitter account to repeatedly smear the Israelis as war criminals. More

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  1. I know who Cussack is (unfortunately). I have absolutely no idea who the other dude is.

    He’s one of the employees in the Pizza place in “Do the Right Thing,” is about all I remember him for. – Dr. Tar

  2. If these idiots and their ilk had been around during WWII we’d either be speaking German or Japanese. As it is we’ll probably be speaking Arabic and slapping our heads on the concrete floor and sticking our butts in the air in a decade.


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