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  1. America’s current problems are a result of a pig-eyed, stumbling, bumbling, demented, crooked-ass dim-bulb fixing stuff that wasn’t broken! Fuck Jackass Joe, The “Fixer” (“I not only rode the Crazy Train, I drove the Mutherfukker!”)

    Psssssssst – Jackass Joe’s password to everything is “Amnesia”

  2. That’s a video to share with every liberal you know.
    Then ask them to explain their reason for supporting him.

  3. ^^^^^Biden’s not Trump. However, Biden is also not a rutabaga, and I would rather have Trump or the rutabaga.

  4. Hey Wild Bill, Obumphuk’s first two terms were a disaster too. He’s oh-for-three to you and me, but batting a thousand to the communists he represents.

  5. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
    “Veni, Vidi, Vici”
    “They fight, they’re told, their freedoms’ right to save; but clearlier seen, t’is slave that fights with slave.”
    “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands …”
    “My shit’s weak.”
    “… the … you know … the thing!”

    Statesmanship? Oratory? Honesty?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The Demwits I talked to say it’s “normal” for a man his age to have a few forgetful moments.
    LOL! Huh! “A few!?” Then I say, President Trump doesn’t have those mental issues and he’s close in age to Biden.

    Typical Demwit response; Silence, changing of subject or agitation that I mentioned Dementia Joe’s obvious senility. Irony, a missing feature of the left.

  7. I cannot watch. It incenses me that ANYONE would have voted for this godless disaster, much less members of my family. May God have mercy on their souls.

  8. @TRF,
    Joe’s password in “incorrect”.
    That way no matter what he types in it tells him;
    “Your password is incorrect”.
    I stole that…………

  9. The only way he starts anything is with his threats, maybe?
    There is no way this rope a dope has the keys to anything but the hall bathroom is out of the question. But that still burns the house cleaners.
    You guys know he’s runs nothing but his mouth.
    OfCome on man.

  10. This makes me wanna throw up. How could America choose this guy? (We all know he
    wasn’t legitimately elected). WTF is wrong with people still defending him????

  11. This clip would be absolutely hilarious except that it’s real and this dunce is supposedly potus. God help us all.

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