Burke Ramsey Sues CBS for $750 Million Over Documentary’s Claim He Killed Sister JonBenét – IOTW Report

Burke Ramsey Sues CBS for $750 Million Over Documentary’s Claim He Killed Sister JonBenét

Yahoo: CBS’ two-part investigative special from this past September, The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, generated quite a bit of controversy for its detective work into the 20-year-old murder case. No one was more outraged than the man whom the special insinuated was the perpetrator: JonBenét Ramsey’s brother, Burke. Following the series’ broadcast, Burke sued one of the investigators who appeared on the show, Dr. Werner Spitz, for defamation, and to the tune of $150 million.

Now, TMZ reports that Mr. Ramsay, 29, is going after CBS as a whole, and has filed a suit in Michigan court against the network for $500 million in punitive damages and $250 million in compensatory damages.  MORE

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  1. Burke Ramsey was cleared by every detective and investigator on the case except one detective, who wrote a book about this theory and joined in the CBS program. Burke Ramsey was interviewed several times and always told the same story. He was only nine years old at the time. How many nine year old children could keep something like this quiet if they had been involved in the death of their sister? CBS went down this path, because it was an easy way to exploit this tragedy and it seemed like a big scoop. None of the other programs that have filled the television screens this year with programs on this case have accused Burke Ramsey of this heinous act. I hope that Burke Ramsey gets his name cleared of killing his sister, and that he makes CBS pay for its slander. Remember, this is the same network that covered up for Obama and Clinton for eight years, and continues to pretend that Trump isn’t ready to fill Obumbler’s magnificent shoes.

  2. Whether Burke Ramsay is guilty or not is beside the case. CBS dredges this up every few years just to get ratings. It’s a cynical, cruel and a very much commercial jump into slime pit for money. Having no real evidence against her brother, CBS decides to invent some through innuendo and the old wink and a nod. I hope this kid gets a good judge and jury and wins every penny from these grave robbers bastards

  3. Can’t say I really care.
    About who killed her or who sues over it.
    CBS sucks – but they won’t have to pay for defamation, because they never do.
    Every “newscast” is defamation, of some sort – socialist propaganda disguised as “news.” As for the crap they peddle as “entertainment” – I can’t say I’ve watched any of it in 30 years, or more. They did put on “Gunsmoke,” I believe.
    Mostly they just suck anal pustules (and seem to enjoy it).

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Could never understand why a mother would dress up her
    6-7-10 year old daughter to look 20. Some of those mother’s are really screwed in the head the way they go after the “crown”. I won’t pass judgment on anyone for this—but God will one day. RIP little girl now you can be yourself and not what momma wants.

  5. Their fuckin credibility is in the toilet, especially after this 2016 election cycle fiaso!
    If you aren’t aware of their Leftist agenda/propaganda after this year, yer either terminally stupid or dead!

  6. Good, I hope he takes them for everything they’ve got. Bleed C-BS dry. The poor kid lost his sister, which ruined his parents and now his mother is dead, and his father a recluse. How callous and evil of that network to drag the poor kid through the mud like this. He was nine, all nine year olds fight with their siblings, and yes, even hit them sometimes. The police, detectives and investigators all cleared him A LONG LONG TIME AGO.

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