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Burmese Military Arrests Country’s Leaders For Alleged Election Fraud

National File:

The leaders of the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar have been arrested by the nation’s military for allegedly committing massive vote fraud during the November 2020 elections.

Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint were both arrested in morning raids on Monday by the nation’s armed forces, after widespread allegations that they had committed election fraud.

The official results of the November election in Myanmar, also known as Burma, showed a victory for the liberal National League for Democracy (NLD), which is led by Aung San Suu Kyi. The conservative nationalist Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), which is supported by many members of the country’s military, lost several seats.

However, it soon became apparent, according to the military, that massive vote fraud had taken place. more

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  1. The Progs and RINOS are not going to be “Happy Campers” that they have been keeping all those National Guard troops in D.C. when the ELECTION FRAUD here has been proven.

  2. My best friends grandfather flew a Spitfire in Burma obviously for England. Serious fucker that liked his Scotch.
    Cheers old man wherever you are with your Webley revolver “just in case you were going down in flames and the canopy Jammed”

  3. Psssst. You in the military whose votes were stolen by your new Commander-In-Thief. That’s how you do it. Now get goin’!

  4. Just a single story from one woman’s household: Her 16 year-old daughter received three mail-in ballots, she received two and her 10-year deceased mother (who is buried in Greece) received two. A total of seven ballots for a household that has only one vote, and even that ballot was sent unbiden.

    Pray that there is a full forensic audit in Maricopa county, AZ. The world is watching. They are supposed to begin this Wednesday and say it will take about ten days to complete.

    Don’t tire of praying or of fighting against The Steal. We cannot become complacent about this.

  5. Mmmmm, contrary to what that article says, the Burmese military has *never* respected an election when it involves Aung San Suu Kyi. She was married to an Englishman when she returned to Burma to visit her ailing mother, who later died. On the day of her funeral, 8-8-88, the military slaughtered a bunch of people and Suu Kyi effectively sacrificed her former life to try doing something to aid her country. (She is the daughter of the “father of modern Burma,” Aung San. I’m not in love with him but the military has consistently lied, using Aung San as their reasons when in fact they cherry pick what they need, pretending they are modeling his good actions.)

    She was subsequently under house arrest for something like 15 years and the military-controlled government did everything they could to thwart her, including trying to get her to leave the country (and never let her back in), make up laws just so she would fail (e.g. no one married to a foreigner can be prime minister) and lie about her to keep their power. I’m not sure about now, but when I was in college (grad 2001) she hadn’t seen her two young sons in years, her husband battled illness and died without her, and she herself struggled financially, at times selling her own furniture so she could meet expenses.

    There certainly could be more current things about her I don’t know; in 2003 my son was born and I didn’t keep up with her news as I had before. All I’m saying here is that the military arresting her isn’t exactly the victory some seem to think it is – there’s a lot more to her story than they admit to, as is true of their own bad deeds.

  6. Red Hand of Boo,
    You implying that there may be more to the story than what the Media is telling?
    For shame! You know the word of the Media is like … well … Gospel!

    Burma is a strange, divided, third-world nest of vipers infested with war-lords and anarchy, which would be difficult to sort out in the best of times.

    izlamo delenda est …


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