Burn That B!tch -Staten Island – Down

NYPD officer in Eric Garner chokehold death not indicted by Staten Island grand jury 

‘Oh my God, are you serious?’ Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner, told The Daily News about the grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo. ‘You can see in the video that he (the cop) was dead wrong!’ There had been warnings earlier that a decision not to indict the white policeman with a crime for killing a black man would fan tensions.


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  1. There’s probably a list of left-wing establishments that we could provide as a suggested target list.

  2. This is a real quandary for a race hustler. What does Al do? Does he stay in Ferguson and continue to shake it down or move to NY?

  3. Cop murdered the guy for selling untaxed cigarettes.

    NYPD is nothing more than auxiliary revenue collectors – who kill to collect – with impunity.

    Don’t care about color; this cop is getting away with murder.

  4. Gotta love NYers, here is a comment posted on the story by Rattling Bones: “Taking a cue from the St. Louis Rams, the New York Jets players are going to protest this decision by choking in their next game.”

  5. So the black man weighs in at 300 lbs + and thinks that makes him exempt from doing what the police say? Bull fuckin shit….NO IT DOES NOT. Whities would do what the cops told them to do, and not challenge them, but NO THESE BARKY DOGS like to do what they please because Barky and Harky (HOLDER) tells them its ok to disobey the laws of our land. Time to hang the offenders and i dont mean the dead black man. Barky is trying his blackassed best to foment rebellion….

  6. Yea I’m in Tim’s camp on this one. That’s Bull Shit! No matter what color your skin is. Unfortunately this will add a lot more fuel to the flames. If Browns Step Dad gets indicted for inciting a riot we will really be off on running.

  7. Mixed feelings. Not much context here on what brought the situation on in the first place. But I’ve been in the position of having to take someone into custody who doesn’t want to cooperate; there isn’t an easy answer…even when it’s a 100 pound woman, if she REALLY doesn’t want to cooperate, it gets real messy real fast.

    As to the so-called choke hold, from my looking at the video, anything resembling choking was over very quickly and the subject was still resisting and still talking (“I can’t breathe”) so I tend to discount that as being the cause of death or even much contributing to it.

    My best semi-educated guess is that he, being morbidly obese and hyper excited, probably blew out his pump from the combination of stress and exertion. I assume the grand jury had access to all the forensics and apparently they found no fault with the cop. Or, more precisely, they found no criminal wrongdoing on his part, which isn’t necessarily the same thing.

    If he violated his department’s protocols I would assume he’ll still have to answer to his command for that…but I certainly can’t see murder here, or even negligent homicide.

  8. “There had been warnings earlier that a decision not to indict the white policeman with a crime for killing a black man would fan tensions.”


    Don’t know enough about the facts.
    Too much “emotion/feelings” being advertised by the Left.

    All I know is

  9. So I guess the people of Staten Island actually like having businesses provide goods and services to them in their community over a day or two of looting stores for free stuff.

  10. Any riots yet? What are they waiting for? Ah the astroturf needs to be bussed in from Ferguson and Oakland. gotcha

  11. I agree he didn’t deserve to die that way; nobody does. I’m just not convinced that the cops had anything to do with it…his dying, that is.

    Most of us in a similar situation, even being bum-rapped, would stay calm and figure to sort it out in court. Resisting the police just doesn’t work, especially when, as is apparent here, the original contacting officer waited until he had massive backup to make the arrest. You’re going to jail, on your feet or otherwise…why not make it easy on everyone?

    It has nothing to do with him deserving to die (he didn’t) or whether the arrest was justified (no way to know) but only with his physical resistance resulting in a forceful takedown.

    Seriously, what would you have had them do? Do we make it a policy that anytime someone doesn’t want to submit to arrest we just walk away?

    A similar thing happens when you attempt to stop a vehicle for a traffic infraction and he rabbits…do you endanger yourself, him, and the public over, say, a 15 mph speeding violation? Yeah, you have to…otherwise *everyone* would just take off whenever the police tried to stop them. And you have to wonder why he’s running over something as no big deal as a traffic violation—did he just murder someone?

    Sometimes in that situation you do have to let him go…if the chase is getting in to a school zone where the streets are full of kids for example. But you can’t make a habit of it.

    I see this video as more or less the same thing. It looked to me like they were trying to issue him a citation which he could have argued in front of a judge, but he caused the event to escalate.

  12. Don’t forget that the Rodney King ‘video’ was edited. The media didn’t show King’s actions. Just like now, the media is seeking to color law enforcement ugly.

  13. The grand jury declares that the cop killed the untaxed cigarette guy. Their excuse for not indicting him was that he had no INTENTION of killing him. But dead’s dead. The guy trying to avoid NYC’s sales tax is dead because the cop choked the life out of him. PERIOD.

    Cop coulda said “Gimme those. Don’t sell untaxed cigarettes, dummy … go home.”

    Was the dude’s life worth the 10 or 15 cents the city woulda got?
    I don’t know … didn’t know the guy. Not trying to stir up some shit here, but this ain’t the same as Ferguson – six cops jumping a tax avoider and killing him.

  14. It is clear that the punishment did not fit the crime.

    But, OTOH, dark skin color is the trigger that causes 0bama and Holder to spring into action. The only work those two racists ever do is always based on skin color.

    I do pity the family of the victim, in this case.

  15. Che de Beria is high-tailing his whitey white pinko commie ass into hiding, refuses to attend tree lighting last I heard.

  16. To me it appears that the police are just doing there job. If you resist arrest you will be forcefully arrested and should understand that will not be in your best interest!! But a law against selling loose cigarettes… in my opinion anger should be directed at the law makers and with these types of BS laws it is rightly deserved!!! Police don’t make law, they follow them.

  17. We need some type of riot alert system in this country. I’m caught short without popcorn or chips or any snack food.

  18. The man was killed by a Democratic government that values taxes over a citizen’s life.
    Conservatives and Libertarians should be outraged over the attempted arrest.
    Give the guy a ticket.
    Sharpton hasn’t paid his taxes in years and O’Bama invites the race hustler over for snacks all the time.
    That’s the guys I would like to see in a choke hold, bof em.
    In a just world, Holder and Ayers would be sharing a cell, in Leavenworth.

  19. Bet old Daniel feel real stupid for getting him and his coworkers FIRED haha…and the emt’s;)in da words of Mr.Trump your all are FIRED.

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