Interesting Ferguson LIE CHART


I found this graphic created by DumbScribblyUnctious at The Conservative Treehouse.

They are continually the best watchdog of high profile media events where the left seeks to falsify a narrative.

There are others, and we appreciate and applaud them too, but the treepers are the best.

See DSU’s exhaustive chart, which is a thorough deconstruction of a PBS chart, here.

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  1. Thank you! Printed. Linked. Informed peeps who will get mad at me for sending – blood is thicker than water so they’ll get over it.

  2. Compelling…..all I got to say is, Officer Wilson is one heck of a shot while under duress (& a possible concussion)

    Check out the autopsy summary at the bottom of the page…three shots to the top of the head in a close a grouping as you could want against a charging ‘Gentle Giant’…like putting down a charging rhino

    …too bad the country loses a good man that can handle his piece.

  3. The chart is very useful, however the “Conservative Treehouse” site is misnamed. The people who run it are not really conservatives.

    I posted the following comment on this story:


    I noticed an apparent error. Witness No. 45 and No. 44/2 are both listing as testifying:
    “Now claiming Brown died with[sic] 40 feet of vehicle. Admits to poor eyesight.”

    I doubt that’s right.

    The moderators simply deleted that comment. They usually delete my comments, because I’m a traditional conservative, not a Ron Paul / Alex Jones conspiracy nut.

    After they deleted my original comment, I re-posted it, but they’ll probably just delete it again.

  4. daveburton-
    Tell me about it. Their problem isn’t just that they’re the wrong kind of conservative, but you sure got the ‘nut’ part right. They usually delete all the evidence, but there are still a few pieces laying around.

    Good luck trying to convince anyone here, though. This crowd is right about almost everything, but the Treehouse isn’t one of them. Why it’s been canonized is a mystery to me.

  5. Some additional Treehouse ‘activism’ that apparently pushed the “not ok” boundary. Again. Vigilantism against freedom advocates because they temporarily don’t align with Treeper talking points on a particular issue is bad juju and not worthy of people who call themselves conservatives. Sicking the system on somebody is serious business. This particular case was an actual ‘swatting.’ You do something like that, you better make sure he’s really a bad guy. This guy probably wasn’t. He’s just a non-racial police-brutality watchdog.

  6. I’m banned at the Treehouse, but I don’t hold that against them, most of what they dig up is good information sadly too often encapsulated in nut rhetoric to link to. My advice to them would be to create a private section for members only, and clean up all the public areas to frankly sound a little less like nuts.

  7. 80% of my time is spent here, so I don’t not see most of TCT’s content.
    I do know Sundance because he was a regular reader here during the early years.
    I never got the sense that he was anything but a conservative.
    And his work on the Zimmerman/ Martin case was invaluable.
    And from what I see on the Brown case they were all over it from the onset, exposing exactly who and why and how the Hands Up Don’t Shoot meme came into existence.
    The timeline and the layout of the crime scene was more exhaustive than the MSM.
    That’s great work.

    Now if there are other issues I’m not aware of I’ll be the first to admit I’m ignorant of all things TCT, but I would need to see compelling evidence as to why I should tread lightly praising them when they do what looks like good work on high profile media events.

    Maybe I’m wrong. I dunno.

  8. I created the chart and sent it to several outlets including that one. I’ve primarily been posting it in the comments sections of relevant articles.
    PBS claims to be reviewing their chart based on their responses to my e-mails. They haven’t updated the article or chart yet though.

  9. BFH,
    Praise is good, especially when it’s deserved, and you’re absolutely right to praise them for good work done. But lots of outfits get results and yet are fundamentally untrustworthy. Look at how successful Vox has become. They’re worth $400M already. Yet, you know what a shit outfit they are. After Michelle Malkin left, you became very critical of that site. They lost some of their integrity and *you noticed*.

    Sometimes loss of integrity is not very noticeable when it’s purposely hidden and all witnesses and evidence disposed of by a determined group. In that case, when you start getting suspicious, you need to track down the survivors and ask some questions. I’m not talking about me. There are people from his inner circle who have accused SD of wholesale fabrications to build up the value of the site, intimidation and much worse. Most have left blogging entirely out of fear of him.

    You’re not suspicious now, and that’s ok. But if you ever get there, ask away. Meantime, consider using his material with caution, and keep your wits about you when you make that drive over to Cape Coral for that beer. Just sayin’.

  10. @gruntofmontecristo, feel free to back up your BS any time with facts.

    It’s noted you are fabricating an entire line of BS with the link. Which even the author admitted was unfounded knee jerk supposition, which ended up NOT being true. No-one swatted anyone.

    A delusional basement dwelling medicated and unstable (previously baker acted) adult, who lives with his Dad, and happens to call himself a photographer, was locked up by police for threatening them and his parole officer. Nothing to do with TCT save for a few people watching him spiral OOC on the twitter.

    I have always regarded the iOTW community highly (and quite visibly) and especially BFH, Claudia and most others. At every opportunity I share iOTW material and graphics. Indeed I muchly enjoyed my years here as a commentator contributor to some of the best humorous discussion on the web. First as Grandpa Cracker and later as Sundance.

    That opinion remains solid and I would assume you retain a similar disposition.

    Regarding David Burton, he was finally dispatched after lengthy requests to stop being purely a “contrarian”. 100% of his commentary contributions were to disparage participants, or the content discussed. Never once provided value, only diminishment. Some people are naturally like that; they enjoy tearing down and not building up. It’s odd, yet understandable.

    Big Fur once eloquently said he viewed iOTW like a foxhole, where morale retention and promotion was one of the more, if not “the most” important aspects.

    Toward that end BFH viewed the goal ‘to provide a place free from the annoying contrarian “gnats” who provide nothing except annoying antagonism and capricious contrarianism.

    Likewise I carry that exact same belief, albeit with less patience, and a more twitchy disposition to use the gnat swatter.

    Warmest regards.


    ps. TCT is a hobby, not a business model.

  11. Oh geez,
    I knew when Sundance put my name and eloquent in the same sentence he was drunk blogging again.

    Again, people shouldn’t be surprised that a blogger at one site will not at all be aware of the inside baseball of another, and maybe that ignorance is a blessing of sorts because to render judgement would require a lot of investment time-wise. And now I’ve been made aware that I should care about this. But the truth is, I don’t have the time for it. That’s not meant to be dismissive, it’s the truth.
    And if the disagreements are personality driven then it’s even harder to discern what is going on.

    Unless you hang somewhere in the comment section for a goodly amount the dirty laundry etc will be pretty much invisible and/or hard to understand.

    I can, however, react to the obvious. If we’ve unfairly characterized a graphic that was done by someone else I take that very seriously.
    I would never ever do that.
    The graphic is not tagged, and I assumed it was a TCT product because the description said “done by a treeper.”
    If DumbScribblyUnctious doesn’t consider himself a treeper I should amend the post title and the body of the post.
    This is going to require some finesse, and I’m not sure I’m that finess-ey

  12. Fur- Excellent update. That had finesse out the bazoo!

    Sundance- Hearing you describe that PINOC dude as “delusional basement dwelling medicated and unstable” makes me like the guy even more! And not just because you’ve described me that way. I find that I naturally admire all the people you call crazy, except for the progs. They usually deserve it.

  13. Thanks for continuing to amplify the stories that need to get out regarding mass media manipulation by the organized Left.

    It bothers me that the two commenters who felt it appropriate to bash TCTH in IOTW’s living room clearly learned *nothing* from their experience leading up being banned.

    IMO, both are extreme control freaks who refuse to cede and who have absolutely no concept of boundaries. Both feel that they are qualified to sit in judgement and preform arbitrage on who “is” or “isn’t” properly “Conservative” – by THEIR definitions. In summation, both exemplify the problem within the Right and the internecine battles that prevent the Right as a whole to coalesce and create a mutually supportive environment. Both Burton and Grunt are part of “our” (The Right) problem, and definitely not part of the solution.

    Interestingly, both had lots of opinions about what “we” at TCTH were doing wrong, and if we would just do things “their” way, things would be so much better. Both also felt that they were the core contributors to the site, and that their “value” exceeded even that of the moderating team combined. Quite remarkable.

    Grunt has had the opportunity to build one of the strongest Conservative brands in the time he has left the Tree, using his superior knowledge, skills and abilities that he felt we lacked.

    Clearly, our site has shriveled and died upon their banishment, just as they predicted. And Grunt – who had all the answers, always, has the biggest, bestest, baddest Conservative blog on teh whole innertubes without us putting limits on his excellence and mad skillz.

    Right, boyz?

  14. BFH,

    My deepest apologies that these two chuckleheads felt it appropriate to air their grievances in your living room. This isn’t the first place or the first time they’ve tried to smear our work. It says alot about them – motivation, character and inability to let go.

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