“Burning Man” May Get Doused By Feds

The week-long event held each year in the Utah dessert, Burning Man, is possibly not going to be permitted any longer.

Burning Man Project applied  for a 10-year permit from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for use of the Black Rock Desert, part of a larger reserve area.

” BLM wants 10 miles of concrete barriers installed on the event’s perimeter for security, a requirement that organizers install dumpsters and hire companies to haul out the trash and authorities in place to conduct vehicle searches at the gate.”

Organizers have declared the new conditions “unreasonable, untenable, attempt to solve problems that don’t exist, and/or create new (and worse) problems.” More



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  1. Utah desert? It’s held in northern Nevada in the Black Rock Desert. Anyway, last year I flew out of Reno and when I checked into my hotel the night before, all the furniture in the lobby was covered with white sheets. I was puzzled because I hadn’t seen any signs of remodeling and asked the check-in clerk what was up. She was pretty tight-lipped, but when I asked the shuttle driver the next morning, he said “We have to do that because of all those stinking hippies from Burning Man.”

  2. 4th of July on the Mall in DC used to be great. We’d have cases of beer, pitch small tents for some shade, cook out, and have a party the Founders would have recognized. Then the Park Service started adding one rule after another each year until it sucked: No hand trucks; no tents; no grilling; no alcohol. Why can’t we live and let live anymore?

    The Burners are having their fun. It might not be my type of party, but they aren’t bothering me. Busybodies just got to mind other people’s business and ruin things they a) don’t attend anyway, b) think is wrong, & c) don’t understand.

  3. What was it, a couple years ago that a guy walked into the pyre and was burned (died?)? That doesn’t sound like a bbq picnic with a few beers on the Mall to me. I don’t care what they do on their own private land, but this is public land and I don’t like the idea of using it to commit ritualistic, pagan style suicide. That’s just taking “art” to its darkest place. It’s just demonic.

  4. A lot of wealthy freaks go there. Plenty of private
    desert ranch acres out there if they pay up to party.
    Not my kinda thing but it’s a big country. Even for pagans.

  5. As fond as I am of the arts, those are my lands. The glitter litter alone is staggering and gets into the fragile ecosystem.
    And all that carbon and actual heat from the fires.
    Can’t they have ‘Inert Man’ made out of dirt?
    Or Mud Man and they can roll around in him
    Or Trash Man? Made out of the garbage the hippies collect on the roadways leading to the event.

  6. Here is a turd nuke foreshadow to a group of johnny dollar chasers that have no MAGA intentions but play such on the tubes. The group glommed onto some young uns that are into the burnt festival scene, recorded an interview and put it on the internets. LoL. Multi hour transcript of pure shake your head at the scummyness, scams past and plans in the future present. One is a 50 something nazi looking type into young things by his own admission. You know those dudes. The late 40s to late 50s types that spend everyday hitting on anything under 25 with a hole in it. They do lots of private porn in LA and have old skool silicon allies.

    Anyway. . . this group exists. See them. They don’t have a clue. T- bro.

    -Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter
    -Something tells me I’m into something good

  7. i wouldnt care if they would just admit they are hypocrites. Earth friendly? This doesnt live up to their code. Litter, debris, filth.

    They go there to get laid, drunk, stoned and fantasize, Just admit it.

  8. I’ll take all the ‘burning man’ parties they’re willing to have in exchange for the removal of muslims in America.

  9. Charlie, dead on!
    It’s one thing to be 17 and to be an idiot,,
    completely another thing to be 27+ and still be that idiot.

  10. Ten miles of concrete barriers is just bullshit. They need to pay a deposit on trash hauling and general cleanup but leave them alone. Judging by some of the comments we’re becoming like those we detest.

  11. Go look at before and after shots.

    They don’t clean up after themselves anywhere like they claim.

    There’s crap sitting out there rusting in the sun right now from last years event.

    Stupid filthy hippies. Think they’re gonna save the world but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.

  12. Environmentalists always say they are out to Do Good. But in reality they are only out to Do Well For Themselves.

    They’re hypocrites of the worst type – just look at any presidential inauguration. if it’s a conservative prez being sworn in, the grounds are almost spotless afterwards. But if its a leftist prez being sworn in, it looks like the set of some post-Apocalypse disaster movie. Shit and neon posters all over the place.


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