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Scott Walker’s campaign must be in a jubilant mood with Jeb Bush making a point of singling him for criticism on Iran’s nuclear deal. To be precise, Bush criticized Walker for vowing to tear up the Iran nuclear deal on his first day in office.

This elevates Walker in much the same way President Obama elevated Walker when he directly criticized him over signing right to work legislation in Wisconsin back in March and again the following month when Obama said that Walker needed to “bone up on foreign policy” in an interview with NPR. And guess what Obama was criticizing Walker over? You guessed it. Over Walker’s vow to tear up the Iran nuclear deal on his first day in office.

Bush has totally thrown Walker a hanging curve. If Walker says that Bush is on the same page as Obama when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal then he will not only knock the ball out of the park, but he will win the GOP nomination right then and there.

Have a look at Bush’s statement and see how absurd it is:



  1. Just like with Dole, McCainnedy, and Mitt, we’re being conned. The left is pushing Bush because they know he is a sure loser and even if he wins, the dems are going to bet everything they want. In 18 months of scouring up to 40 Conservative sites, I have not seen one article advocating Bush. All the polls supporting Bush are from anonymous/unnamed sources or from Polling outfits paid by dems. We’re being conned.

  2. Judgeroybean nailed it.

    Jed is part of the left….And yes, they have good reason to fear Scoot.

    And, Scoot has pretty much made it clear he would pick Rubio as a VP. Not my first choice as VP (Cruz would be good), but I’d be more than happy to pull the lever for Walker/Rubio.

    This is a good electoral strategey…Walker will win the normal blue state of Wisconsin, Iowa, possibly Michigan, and because of Rubio as VP, Florida.
    With that, they won’t even need to win Ohio.

  3. The media is so much more powerful than most people understand. It is why America is in the state its in. I am hoping and praying the voters have finally had enough and vote in a true conservative, and not a Rino that gets thrown at us. At this point, Walker is the man, but I do like that Trump can speak up for true conservatism.

  4. Cruz is still my man. I will never trust Rubio again. Associate with Chuck Schumer and you are a negative to me.

  5. I’m good with wasting Rubio on a VP position. Check the results of the Senate elections ad put Cruz in a cabinet position,.
    Any amnesty senators can suck it.

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