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Cruz and Paul in Agreement on PP

This is the kind of cooperation and statesmanship we need more of in Washington.


Senators Ted Cruz (TX-R) and Rand Paul (TN-R) are in agreement on defunding Planned Parenthood.

There are times to put the campaigning aside and fight against an evil that has been allowed to go on too long.


I look forward to more Senators and Congressmen joining the effort to cut PP off from the public teat permanently.


7 Comments on Cruz and Paul in Agreement on PP

  1. Pardon my cynicism but why is this news? Shouldn’t EVERY viable GOP candidate be onboard with defunding. Who is not?

  2. Paul is starting to morph into the likes of his father.

    Watch the Ron Paul bots re-emerge durring the primaries.
    He won’t win.

    Cruz, on the other hand, may have a decent shot.

  3. I noticed that about Paul on Mark Levin’s show last night. Not one time did he give a yes or no answer to Mark’s questions. I was really getting annoyed by his political “speak.”

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